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The Transocean Shines in New David Beckham Breitling Campaign

The Transocean Shines in New David Beckham Breitling Campaign

David Beckham has become a worldwide sports icon. From movies dedicated to his name, such as Bend it Like Beckham, to his soccer skills, to his high profile life with a wife who is a former Spice Girl, people around the world recognize his name and face. Watchmaker Breitling has recently signed a contract with Beckham to use that face and fame to promote their Transocean Chronograph Unitime world – timer watch.

Who is David Beckham?

David Beckham is a world famous, British soccer player who has held a prominent role on the British national team, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and currently, the Los Angeles Galaxy.

He is famously married to the former pop star, Victoria Beckham, née Adams, who was know by her stage name of Posh Spice. The couple has four children and they have been married since 1999.

As his fame has grown, Beckham has developed a reputation as a fashion icon and is frequently followed by paparazzi and featured in various publications.

Who is Breitling?

Breitling SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker. They feature a number of watches with unique features, such as the Navitimer, which has a 24 hour clock and a circular slide rule, which assists aircraft pilots. The watches were also used during the Mercury space program. Another watch features a radio transmitter for distress calls.

What is special about the watch Beckham is modeling?

Breitling is making use of Beckham’s worldwide fame, traveler, and reputation as a fashionable man to advertise the Transocean Chronograph Unitime. This watch will feature all the time zones of the earth and is called perhaps the best watch available for pilots and travelers.

David Beckham and Breitling have teamed up to promote a luxury watch that offers elite features for travelers and watch collectors alike. The partnership seems to be a perfect match.

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