Masculine Monday

Masculine Monday: How Oppa Gangnam Style is Sweeping the Nation and Influencing Men’s Fashion

Oppa Gangnam Style was a song released by Korean Popstar Psy in July of this year. Since it’s release, it’s reached the top of the Gaon Chart, similar to the Billboard Music Charts here in the US, and it’s currently YouTube’s second most watched video of all time and currently has over 722 million views.

If you’ve seen the video, you can tell that the motto is to “dress classy and dance cheesy,” also something reiterated by artist Psy on the Ellen Show back in August 2012.

Psy, the artist, and other men in the video are wearing a range of clothing from Tuxedos to Preppy, Horse-Race attire. “’Gangnam Style’ is a Korean neologism that is associated with the Gangam District of Seoul, where people are trendy, hip and exude a certain supposed class.”

According to sources, people from the Gangnam District don’t mention it or bring it up to other people–it’s the posers from other areas that try to take on the classy persona and say they’re from Gangnam.

In American Society, Flash Mobs are popping up all over college campuses and with members wearing everyday clothes, or sometimes tuxedos, and jumping into the performance at a specific, predetermined time. Even Roy Hibbert, player for the Indiana Pacers, took part in a Gangnam Style Flashmob!

Fashion is taking a cue from Gangnam in American Society today while men are more frequently sporting tuxedos, sport coats and riding pants in public—and it’s incredibly fashionable!

Even women’s fashion is being influenced by the classy, chic styles from Gangnam!

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