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Hublot Pop Up Store Debuts

Hublot Pop Up Store Debuts

Swiss luxury watch company Hublot has decided to pop-in on the Singapore Formula One Gran Prix…Or rather, “pop-up” on it. Hublot has opened a temporary pop-up store to display and sell their luxury merchandise in the main atrium of the Paragon Shopping Mall in Singapore. The Hublot pop up store was unveiled on September 14th and it is expected to stay open until September 23rd, the final three days coinciding with the running of the popular Formula One race. Hublot is also sponsoring the race.

Hublot Collection

This isn’t just some mall kiosk selling low-quality watches, either. Hublot is showcasing some of their most prized limited edition pieces, including the “Big Bang”, which is believed to be the most expensive timepiece in the world, valued at $5 million dollars. The total value of the merchandise on display is believed to be in the neighborhood of $20 million. It will also feature some Hublot inspired gear like a bicycle, skis and an armchair, all done in black carbon fiber.

Hublot Store

The pop-up store itself is a work of art spanning two floors in the void space in the middle of the Paragon Shopping Mall. Designer Chris Lee named the store “Big Bang” and designed it with black gem stones appearing to fall from above, giving the store an appearance of wonderment. The store features a Hublot Strap Bar, where Hublot owners can customize their watches by choosing from among 150 different styles and colors of watch straps.

It will be interesting to see if this first Hublot pop-up store is as big a success as the company is hoping it will be. If it is, this could mark the beginning of a trend for not only Hublot, but other high-end retailers as well.

Roger C for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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