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A Hublot Made of Tobacco Leaves

A Hublot Made of Tobacco Leaves

The Swiss are famous for the quality of watches they are able to manufacture, and Hublot is no exception to the rule. They’ve been making premium luxury watches Carlo Crocco began the company in 1976. By 2005 Hublot won multiple international design awards for the exceptional engineering, design and creative materials used to create a new standard with the quality of their watches.

Eco Friendly Use of Materials

Hublot has a history of eco-friendly design methods and manufacturing materials. Their first watch design, released in 1980, featured a natural rubber strap and was a first in the watch industry to incorporate the material into its design. They have since focused on finding ways to use natural materials with non polluting manufacturing methods, culminating in the ForbiddenX watch with a dial made from tobacco leaves. The process uses the rapidly renewable resource of an annual tobacco harvest to produce a material that is durable and deserving of the Hublot name.

Social Responsibility

Because smoking and tobacco use in general is down in popularity from what it once was, the use of tobacco in a luxury watch may sound a bit counter intuitive. However, tobacco is an easily renewable resource and is potentially a great crop for making a variety of materials rather than being grown for consumption. There are some areas of the world where tobacco is simply one of the best options available to farmers. In other areas of the world there are farms that have traditionally grown tobacco and therefore the owners and employees follow a generational tradition and have little knowledge of other crops. By using tobacco as a base for manufacturing materials, companies such as Hublot continue to support these farmers while helping find more responsible uses for tobacco than smoking.

The Manly Gentleman

The description of a modern “Renaissance Man” generally appeals to both women looking for a gift or to men who buy their own watches. The ForbiddenX certainly meets and exceeds the expectations of what a man looks for in his watch while providing the masculine look that a wife or girlfriend can be proud of. This watch is durable and rugged for daily wear while providing a touch of timeless class appropriate for the evening. The watch looks great on your wrist whether pointing to something at a work site or holding a door for a lady.

The ForbiddenX Watch Made of Tobacco Leaves

The ForbiddenX watch is a collaboration between Hublot and world famous cigar maker Arturo Fuente. The creative new design features a dial made of tobacco leaves, providing a distinct look that brings together the oft times conflicting descriptions of being both elegant and rugged. It’s not made of just any tobacco leaves, but incorporates the class and sophistication of Dominican tobacco that goes into the renowned ForbiddenX cigar.

All of these factors make for not only a great looking watch, but an interesting conversation piece. People who smoke will be jealous of the beauty provided by their beloved tobacco while those who don’t smoke can still appreciate the sophisticated style provided by the Hublot ForbiddenX luxury watch.


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