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Galatea Memento Pearls Bring Joy to Loved Ones Far Away

The cycling calendar brings multiple opportunities for gifts. From the holidays’ whirlwind of giving to the duties of Mother’s Day and the abundance of birthdays, it’s good to always have a gift idea on hand. Especially when loved ones live far away, missing out on the day-to-day joys of children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and even great-grandchildren, the perfect gift combines both beauty and a way of staying in touch. The computer-infused pearl does just that.

What Is It?

Computer-infused pearls are novel technology allowing the implantation of a computer chip inside a pearl. When tapped against the screen of a smartphone, the pearl activates the chip inside it and image, audio or video files pop up on the phone’s screen (no app needed). The chip may be placed inside the jewel either by drilling into a preexisting pearl, or seeded in an oyster, which will produce the pearl around it over a period of 18 months or so.

Intended Recipients

So who is this gift good for? Naturally wives and grandmothers who are close by will love the pearl set in a necklace or ring, as will aunts or elderly women in the family. Husbands and grandfathers will likely even appreciate it unset, as a memento to keep in a desk drawer or wallet. But this gift truly shines as a token of affection to those who are far away. Grandmothers living out of town or out of state will especially treasure the computer-infused pearl as a keepsake they can wear and use to view photos of children and grandchildren daily. Such a treasure could be passed down through the generations.

File Ideas

So what should you put on your pearl’s chip? Anything that will make your loved ones smile. Consider taking a professional picture of your family without telling them, then using that. Or make a home movie compilation showing special moments they might have missed, and surprise them with a full-length video. You could even record your family singing “Happy Birthday” to a grandparent or other relative, then send the gift in time for them to open it on their special day. You aren’t restricted to one file type, either, but can combine audio, video and photo files for a wide array of special memories.

Wrapping Options

A lovely presentation ups the impact of a present considerably. If you include special photos on the chip, consider sending them in hard copy with a nice frame as well. For older relatives who may not have a smartphone yet, buying them a starter phone and small plan along with the pearl would make a lovely gift. You can get the pearl set in a variety of ways, too, including stringing the special pearl on a strand with ordinary ones, or pairing it with one other pearl in a set of earrings. The only limit is your creativity, so be imaginative!

The computer-infused pearl is a novel combination of technology and beauty, and not even terribly expensive, considering its potential for bringing joy. Order one today to share your love with the people you treasure.

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