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How to Style a Carl F Bucherer Men’s Watch

Men’s luxury watches are truly some of the very best accessories available. They are classic icons of men’s fashion and have a timeless masculine feel. They can be worn casually, as tools of your trade, or even accentuating professional wear. It is the item that not only do you depend upon while going through your day you also use to declare to the world who you are. It is about functionality as much as it is to go with your personal style. However, sometimes the accessory precedes the fashion. This is true with unique luxury watches that take the lead in setting the tone for your personal style.

The Carl F Bucherer GMT Traveltec watch in rose gold is one of those. Here we style this latest Carl F Bucherer men’s watch which we have available at our Boca Raton location. Also, we have several other convenient locations in South Florida where you can view our complete range of men’s luxury accessories and jewelry. The Bucherer GMT TRaveltec though is a watch that goes beyond being an iconic brand and embraces a modern style.

The Carl F Bucherer Brand

Arguably, the world’s greatest Horlogerie craftsmen are in Switzerland. The Swiss have established themselves over decades as the leading artisans in the world of luxury watches. From the latest and most advanced complications to cutting edge designs there is no one else with the consistent history and tradition to challenge them. Carl F Bucherer is one of these incredible Swiss made luxury watches. Based in Lucerne, Switzerland the company was founded in 1888 Carl Friedrich Bucherer. He created the company bearing his name to produce the finest and most modern watches of its time. Lucerne, the cosmopolitan city where everything started setting the stage for a company that leads in designs and functionality. The understated luxury of each piece remains true to its roots. Even after almost 130 years Carl F Bucherer watches continue to be innovative and sleek with powerful precision tools crafted by the master artisans of Switzerland.

The brand prides itself on its versatility and precision. Always ready for future challenges awaiting they lead the way into the modern age. Further, with each new age we enter into you can count on a new release Carl F Bucherer collection with the highest quality expert machinations. Also, using revolutionary new movements staying ahead of the rest is an integral part to the company’s identity. All of these features culminate in a sense of freedom. Furthermore, this sense of freedom is instilled within each and every one of the luxury brand’s pieces. It is this free spirit that drives their innovation and pioneering design and craftsmanship. The visionary founder married the artistry of jewelry making with the expertise of watch making to establish his freedom, the Carl F Bucherer brand. Still, the entrepreneurial independence and free spirit he heralded continue to be the lifeline of the brand.

From the Carl F Bucherer Family to Ours

Over the years there have been many changes in the world. Many a family established company has shifted hands and some even lost their roots in doing so. This shift can sometimes occur and leave the integral vision of the brand behind. This is not the case. However, when it comes the Bucherer family they have continued to devote their lives to expert craftsmanship and innovative design. They are one of the few families who continue to own and operate the company of their ancestor. Overall, this sense of family, tradition, continuity, and heritage imbue their commitment to excellence. Like the Bucherer’s ours is also a family owned company. Further, over the past three decades, our family has been serving the South Florida community. We aim to continue providing superior excellent service and offer the latest and greatest in luxury timepieces and jewelry, like this Carl F Bucherer men’s watch.

Carl F Bucherer watch boca raton

The Patravi Collection

First, the Carl F Bucherer Patravi collection is one of their most strongly masculine designs available. Created with the modern man in mind this collection features pieces with large faces and powerful functionality. Also, the Patravi watches are sophisticated pieces of equipment. Each one carries the newest and finest innovative technical standards. Further, these powerful movements are housed in gorgeous and striking masculine designs. Overall, the sportive Patravi collection is an embodiment of the brand. It is versatile, sophisticated, and powerfully complex. Made for the modern man it brings you closer to what matters to you. From the expansive world filled with possibility to meet your exact needs its the Patravi collection. Further, its physical design with strong prominent features have a confidence that comes from well over a century of producing luxury timepieces.

Unlike other watch collections the Patravi collection carries pieces that are leading in technological advancement as well as intricately designed beauty.

The Patravi Collection’s TravelTec Watch

Furthermore, the Patravi collection’s power and precision culminate in the most versatile watch of the entire range. That is the Patravi TravelTech watch. This is a timepiece made for the modern man. The one who conducts business across the globe and calls the world his home. It is a timepiece unlike any other and it is packed with incredible functionality. The TravelTec features an incredibly innovative three time zone feature. Thus, right there on the watch face, you can have three separate time zones simultaneously. For the globetrotter that requires a harmonious and powerful watch that is what the Carl F Bucherer Patravi TravelTec watch offers. The chronograph and chronometer work in an unprecedented way for the frequent flyer who needs to know the times around the globe. Furthermore, communicating with people all over the world means you move fast.

Thus, the TravelTec watch features a high power single button functionality, the revolutionary Monopusher. Just imagine after landing in another timezone rather than having to reset your watch manually there was a single button you could use. That is what the Monopusher promises. Additionally, there’s a viewing window next to the button. This incredible innovation allows you to turn the inner ring of the third time zone forward or backward depending on whether you have gone east or west in one hour increments. Further, the change depends on the position of the highly sophisticated switch mechanism. However, in order to prevent it from being set unintentionally, it is a one push solution after all, there is a third neutral position. This innovative Monopusher at the ten o’clock mark controls this entire powerful patented functionality. Furthermore, this innovation makes the TravelTec one of the most complex luxury watches in the world.

Carl F Bucherer watch boca raton

Carl F Bucherer Patravi GMT TravelTec Rose Gold Mens Watch

Now, to the watch in question. The Carl F Bucherer we are featuring is not only a gorgeous and powerful Patravi collection TravelTec. It is also a unique and enhanced timepiece. This specific watch is a monochromatic rose gold piece with the traditional and iconic charcoal black dial. Further, this GMT version gives the traveler in you access to world wide time. This incredible piece has three sub dials with silver outer rings at the center of the dial. Also, it features a chronograph around the outer edge of the dial and a date window between the 4 and 5 o’clock hour markers. Another, truly unique feature of this watch is the solid 18k rose gold fixed bezel matching the casing. While most of these watches are available with leather bands or stainless steel bracelets this one features a monochromatic 18k rose gold bracelet.

Further, this unique touch lends it an even more modern look and feel. The screw down crown accentuates the texture of the bracelet. Also, this incredibly elegant watch also features a powerful water resistance up to 50 meters or 5 atm. It is a versatile, powerful and unique watch for the man who operates in the modern world. With scratch resistant sapphire crystal this watch is as powerful as it is resistant. Further, for intensive travel and incredible longevity, this watch is ready for the long run. Although, the modern design lends itself to almost any style it is a watch that sets the tone when it comes to fashion. The latest and greatest is generally what suits a powerful luxury accessory that leads the world in both functionality and design. Now, we are going to take a look at how to style one of these gorgeous luxury watches.

Carl F Bucherer watch boca raton

Styling a Rose Gold Carl F Bucherer Men’s Watch

Another, aspect of a watch like this Carl F Bucherer TravelTec is its modern style. For a fashionable accessory, this one actually takes the lead on styling. Here we have taken the opportunity to craft a modern and global men’s look that pairs well with the rose gold Patravi TravelTec. First, we looked at muted neutral colors that accentuate the watch’s rose gold glint. These serve as a standard backdrop if you will for the watch’s glamour. Another, important aspect was to consider the size of the watch. Since it is one of the larger timepieces at 46.6 mm we have styled it with loose silhouettes. This is also not only a feature of modern wear it also works well for travelers. The TravelTec being an ideal timepiece for those constantly on the move it seems just as well to pair it with travel friendly style. However, always fashionable.

First, the slim brown cargo pants as seen above offer texture and an edge with the muted tones. Also, the camo hoodie sweatshirt is a piece that complements the pants’ military style fashion. As seen on many a celebrity of these days this is the type of look for the sleek modern man. Further, the loose silhouette of the cargo hoodie contrasts perfectly to the look of the slim cargo pants.  To top it all off the most influential sneaker of our time, Yeezy Boosts. Kanye’s innovative brand styles well with a watch that embodies innovation and modernity. In fact, it is from his influential sportive comfort style that this kind of outfit got its start. The white Boosts give a strong contrast to the muted outfit while still remaining true to the neutral color scheme. Overall, this style of outfit accentuates the watch as the very main piece.

Carl F Bucherer watch boca raton

Carl F Bucherer Patravi GMT TravelTec Rose Gold Mens Watch

In this case, the accessory is the lead and the styling complements its unique features as well as its story. Overall, there are a million ways to style this type of watch. This is of course just one suggestion for a modern look. However, it is the versatile watch and therefore can be styled for a formal occasion as well. It easily transitions from a casual day wear accessory to a formal night out. Definitively, it is a luxurious item that sets the tone for the type of man you are. It encompasses the traveler, the free entrepreneurial spirit, and of course the modern gentleman of our times.

You can check out all of the features and some more intricate product images of this specific 18k rose gold TravelTec by clicking the link above or here. It will lead you directly to our site’s product page where we have laid out all of the watch specifications. This piece comes with a Diamonds by Raymond Lee presentation box and includes a special one year warranty as well.

In the end, we love to share these unique finds with our customers. If you would like to view this luxurious watch, another Carl F Bucherer or any high end watch please visit us at one of our locations. We have put an incredible amount of time and effort in building a team committed to providing superior service. Also, the same amount of passion has been put into developing and designing our locations. Our visit invitation to you is always open and we truly hope to meet you in person whether at our stores or one of the events we host, sponsor and participate in. South Florida is our home and we aim to serve our community in the best way possible.

Carl F Bucherer watch boca raton


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