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How to Get an Engagement Ring Insured

How to Get an Engagement Ring Insured

If you own valuable jewelry you should always have it insured. It is generally inexpensive and it will give you peace of mind when you are protected against theft and fire. Many people insure their homes, cars, other properties but they seem to forget to insure their jewelry, or they may think it is to expensive or difficult to accomplish, but here’s how to get an engagement ring insured quickly & easily.

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One of the first pieces of jewelry you may receive that is of value may be your engagement ring, it is simple to cover your ring. The first thing you will need is an appraisal of your ring, be sure to use a reputable gemologist for the appraisal. You want someone with years of experience, never choose an appraiser based on price.

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Once your ring is appraised you can call your insurance company that carries your home or renter’s insurance to have the engagement ring endorsed onto your policy. If you do not carry home owner’s or renter’s insurance it will be smart to obtain a policy. Your insurance agent will ask you for an appraised value and will possible ask your for a copy of the appraisal and a picture of the ring.

Your insurance agent will add the ring to your existing policy which should only cost a minimal amount per year. You should consider having your ring appraised about every 2 years in order to be sure that it is insured for the correct amount. Precious metals and gems often fluctuate in value over the years, you want your ring to be insured for the right value especially if it’s value increase over the years.

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