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How to Choose the Right Watch for You

How to Choose the Right Watch for You

Watches are as unique as the person wearing them. Each style, brand, material, size, and feature tells others a bit about the person behind the time piece and their lives. It is important that rather than following trends or styles, users determine what watch is right for them based on three very specific criteria. The first is the size watch that is right for them. Size can relate to the face of the watch itself, the size of the band, and the overall weight of the watch. Those that move around a lot and need something lightweight for instance are going to be far better off choosing a smaller watch or one made of lightweight materials.

Something like a large, substantial Rolex is likely to be out of the question as they are bulky, hard to wear, and are more statement pieces than functional every day watches. Watch face size can be related to eyesight, how much of a statement you want to make, or how large your wrist is. With those that need a larger face to see well or need a larger face to accommodate a larger wrist, something like a G-shock is going to be best. Lastly, those that have difficult to fit wrists may want to either buy a link watch that can be sized down or a rubber banded watch that goes up and down naturally with the wrist size change.

Rolex Submariner 16618 Blue Dial 18kt Yellow Gold Watch

The second characteristic to consider is material. This is the second most important factor to think about. The material can make a ton of difference in the long run. Those that again like lighter watches may want to go for a rubber or ‘jelly’ watch like those that had a brief moment in the spot light earlier this year with the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber wearing them. Those that like a watch that feels a bit heavier want to look for metal watches, these can be gold, silver, platinum, titanium, nickel, just about any material really.

Breitling Windrider Chronomat D13047 Two Tone Mens Watch

The last thing to consider is trends. Though trends are fun to watch and keep up with, they should not determine the watch that you ultimately purchase. What is cool and current one day may be dull and out of focus the next leaving those fickle trend chasers with watches that are no longer trendy but that still work well. Watches are built to last so finding a style that works well in a variety of instances and in a longer range of time is far more important than simply following a trend.

Michele Tahitian White Ceramic and Stainless Steel Ladies Watch

Though ‘jelly’ watches were cool for a moment, they are no longer trendy and seem a bit childish and impractical in retrospect. Keeping in mind that watches are built to last and that trends come and go, a much better watch to invest in is a classic style watch. Either a leather banded or link banded watch that will stand the test of time, pun intended, rather than fade out as celebrities change their mind about what is hip and current. Keeping these factors in mind can help users buy a watch that works for them in the moment they buy it and for years to come.


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