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How to Build a Jewelry Collection

How to Build a Jewelry Collection

Starting a new jewelry collection, for those of you that are beginners, should require a fair amount of research and consideration. While a majority of women have an eclectic mix of jewelry for the seasons as well as a mix of costume and precious jewels, it’s important to consider some key factors in your collection.

Consider how much you’re willing to invest in your collection, and go from there. Jewelry generally doesn’t materialize out of thin air. Whether it’s something that we buy for ourselves as motivation or as a reward, or a gift from a loved one for a special occasion, it’s important that you like the aesthetic appeal of the jewelry in your collection. If you have pieces that you never wear or don’t particularly like, it’s simple to sell them back to jewelry stores and turn the funds into something you’ll love.

If you’re a big fan of the idea of expanding your collection, set aside some money every month. Whether you’re investing $15 per month or $50 per month, set the money aside toward a goal. Diamonds, gold, and platinum, while they are the more expensive sought after jewelry elements, are the best return on your investment. In the long run, it’s more worthwhile to have a 1-carat diamond in your jewelry collection than dozens of other, less expensive gemstones. In the same sense, purchasing only 14k or higher gold is much more beneficial than buying sterling silver jewelry.

If you have multiple pieces from one designer, your collection could be worth slightly more for resale. In the world of jewelry resale, many factors are considered. Broken or outdated jewelry is generally purchased back as scrap. The price that you receive for said jewelry is just a reflection of the market price of the precious metal, whether it be gold, silver, platinum or otherwise, minus any fees that a jeweler or pawn shop incurs to scrap it. If you have a few pieces from a larger name designer, like Cartier or Tiffany & Co., when you go to sell pieces from your collection, a jeweler would be more interested in featuring the actual pieces for resale.

While it’s more expensive to purchase name brand jewelry items, like Cartier, it is worthwhile in the long run.

Research the gemstones that you buy. In today’s world market, its common to find lab created diamonds and synthetic gemstones. Before you purchase diamonds, it’s important that they come with a certification or a report on the clarity, whiteness and inclusions going on in your diamonds. Many retailers will go as far as to provide information on where the diamonds or other precious gemstones were mined.

Stick to neutral styles that will survive the ages. While I have a mess of gorgeous costume jewelry to fit all sorts of outfits and occasions, the more expensive, precious jewelry in my collection is fit for the ages. The timelessness of solitaire set diamond rings, strands of pearls and simple drop earrings allows my collection to remain fiscally diverse even as styles and trends change. Certain elements of a jewelry collection, like a simple gold chain, were popular 100 years ago and will be equally as popular 100 years from today.


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