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Watch of the Week: Cartier Tank Francaise Chronoflex Chronograph

Watch of the Week: Cartier Tank Francaise Chronoflex Chronograph

This week’s star watch is pure luxury. First, it’s a Cartier timepiece. SO off the bat you know you’re wearing refined style on your wrist. Cartier watches strike this inimitable balance between opulence and simplicity.

Case in point – the clean lines and relatively simple shape of the Tank Francaise Chronoflex. At first glance, the watch has a straightforward rectangular presence on the wrist, thanks to it’s equally wide bracelet.

However, Cartier’s penchant for detail shows subtle angles that mirror the design of the dial. An elongated octagon encloses classic numerals distorted for balance en le Francais style, as well as the chronographs.

Sleek pushers meld seamlessly into the side of the case, and the cabochon on the crown adds even more elegance.

The bracelet itself is sturdy and tightly woven to create a really beautiful jewelry-like touch. This watch maintains its masculinity without sacrificing any of its elegance.

Overall, the┬áCartier Tank Francaise Chronoflex Chronograph is, as the French would say, chichi – but in a very, very good way.


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