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Cartier Supports Queen’s Cup Polo Once More

Marco…Polo. Polo…Cartier. Cartier…Polo. Polo…Cartier. See how really simple marketing is? It is getting you to associate one word with another. That is the case with Cartier’s decision to support the prestigious Queen Cup polo tournament again for 2013. It is the second year of Cartier’s sponsorship. Cartier has long cultivated its image with the sport, […]

Cartier Boca Raton Watches Boca Raton

Watch of the Week: Cartier Tank Francaise Chronoflex Chronograph

This week’s star watch is pure luxury. First, it’s a Cartier timepiece. SO off the bat you know you’re wearing refined style on your wrist. Cartier watches strike this inimitable balance between opulence and simplicity. Case in point – the clean lines and relatively simple shape of the Tank Francaise Chronoflex. At first glance, the […]