Hot Trend: Wedding Balloons!

You know that saying ‘three’s a trend’? Well in the wedding world, wedding balloons have far exceeded trend level – and not in a bad way. It seems like the hippest couples are incorporating balloons in their weddings in creative, romantic, and unique ways. Whether it’s a graphic punch, an alternative to flowers, a stylish solution, or a beautiful symbol of unity, we are so on board with this 2013 wedding trend.

Balloon Wedding Backdrop

A couple who threw a surprise carnival themed wedding wanted a truly unique, playful and fun backdrop for their ceremony. The Bash Please team concocted this mass of pure white balloons of varying sizes to create an entire wall for the couple to say their vows before!

Balloons as Wedding Reception Decor

This pink and gold Austin wedding stuck with the balloons + twinkle lights formula, but in a totally different way (this trend is seriously versatile). Big Geronimo balloons studded the rustic ceiling, drawing the eye up towards those sparkling lights. The visual impact allowed them to stick with small, budget friendly arrangements on the tables without skimping on style.

Balloon Table Numbers

This super fun, bright and patterned wedding solved a common wedding problem with giant gold balloons. At a large wedding, or one with tons of banquet tables like this one, those small, dainty table numbers might not be visible to your guests. Enter these giant mylar balloons, which are practical, fun, and add glitz to the reception.

Balloons at a First Look

One of our all time favorite “No look first look” ideas is a balloon release. But these giant balloons, in your wedding colors, make fantastic photo props regardless of when you take the photos! Take the lead of this couple, grab some brightly colored balloons, and have some fun!

Balloon Release Ceremony

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, stop whatever you’re doing right now and add this beautiful idea to your notes. The bride, who lost her father before the wedding, wanted to have some sort of unity ritual but the idea of a unity candle without her Dad was too sad. Instead, she had their close family members write them well wishes for their marriage. Her little niece carried the wishes down the aisle, along with beautiful pastel balloons to “Across the Universe.” This symbolized the couples’ two families blessing, and the couple released the balloons to join the two. They’ll read those well wishes on their one year anniversary.

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