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Creative First Look Ideas

Creative First Look Ideas

The concept of a wedding day first look is a new trend in the wedding world. While tradition dictates that the bride and groom first see each other as she walks down the aisle, there are plenty of great arguments as to why you should have a first look session with your photographer. The decision to have a first look or not is totally personal, but if you do decide that a first look is for you and your husband to be, here are some of our favorite creative first look ideas.

Balloon release

This idea from a fun-filled carnival themed wedding on style me pretty is original, beautiful and unique. We love the dual giddy anticipation – the bride gets her first look surprise here too!


This cute, playful bride blindfolded her groom with his own tie before removing his debonair blindfold for a sweet first look!

Of course, some brides might want the precious photos, but still don’t want to part with tradition. For this, we’ve got the first look without the look.

Stairway Shot

Not only is this a great way to get beautiful, artistic and editorial style wedding photos, it allows for pictures of both the bride and groom without ruining the aisle-surprise.

Door Way

Another shot we love is of the happy couple on either side of a door. This way, you can get gorgeous, close up shots of the bride and groom and have the first look without seeing each other.

Make it Meaningful

We love this shot of a blindfolded groom and his bride sitting together, sharing a few private moments before the ceremony. Another great option is to combine a doorway first look shot with a letter exchange. Maybe they’re private vows, or special words you have for each other before you being your new life together, but either way it’s bound to create a beautiful moment for the both of you.


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