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I Do: Hiring a Wedding Planner

I Do: Hiring a Wedding Planner

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We share why a wedding planner is an I DO in our new series: I Do/ I Don’t, where we split the pros and cons between the hottest wedding trends.

Wedding planners can often be the most priceless experience of your wedding. While many women like to do it all themselves, you won’t know the relief that a wedding planner can provide to your event unless you just “Do it!”

Let’s set the scene: You just got engaged and you’re glowing from excitement. Every ounce of you want’s to jump up and start pinning 10,000+ wedding ideas, sending out save-the-dates and inviting everyone you know to your bridal shower–all while trying on dresses and picking out flowers. Where do you start? Are you even going to have time to taste wedding cake and still maintain a happy engagement with your significant other?

Here is where a hiring a wedding planner comes in. He or she will sit you down, discuss the things that you want, and make it all happen–without you having to constantly fret about the details. The wedding planner will handle the small-scale accessorizing, the day-of wedding orchestration, and all of the details that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice just because you’d like to enjoy your day.

While you’d still like to be included in the details of your event, that’s never an issue with the wedding planner. They’re there to follow up with vendors, convey your messages and ideas appropriately, and take care of all of the things that you just don’t have time for.

The national average cost of a wedding in today’s society is $27,000. The average wedding planner in today’s society is charging between 15-20% of the cost of your wedding–to get a better idea of the cost you’ll have in store for you when utilizing the full-spectrum of services from a wedding planner.

The top three reasons that women hire a wedding planner:

1. To Manage the Budget
2. To Work out the Details
3. To Work Time-Strapped Miracles

 I think that the most important reason to hire a wedding planner is to make sure the actual wedding day goes off without any hitch but the two of yours. No one in the family wants to chase around caterers and bartenders, and the bride certainly doesn’t want negative feedback after investing a year or more of her life in the tedious planning, so make sure that a knowledgeable wedding planner is available to help oversee the festivities and make sure that everything goes off according to plan.


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