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Tuesday Shoesday: Rain Boots Part Deux

Tuesday Shoesday: Rain Boots Part Deux

We’re sending our thoughts (and warmth!) to all of our friends along the eastern seaboard, and everyone who’s been affected by Sandy. With New Jersey and New York experiencing major flooding (and NYC virtually crippled by a waterlogged MTA), we knew that there was no better footwear for today’s feature. We’re back with more of our favorite rain boots today, along with coordinating jewelry. And while it might be tempting to head outside with boots these fashionable, you’re better off donning just the jewels and cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book!

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14K Yellow Gold Tanzanite Ring, tanzanite ring, tanzanite jewelry, tanzanite gold ring


14K Yellow Gold Bead and Lapis Endless Strand, lapis necklace, lapis lazuli necklace

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