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HBO is Launching Their New Line of Game of Thrones Jewelry with Phyrrha Just in Time for Season Four Premier

HBO is Launching Their New Line of Game of Thrones Jewelry with Phyrrha Just in Time for Season Four Premier

Prepare yourself – jewelry is coming. HBO with Phyrrha are releasing their Game of Thrones line of jewelry on April 4 just two days before the highly anticipated premier of the 4th season. Now fans can represent their allegiance while enjoying the ups and down of their favorite show. Each talisman and ring looks like a piece of jewelry that could have been forged in this fantasy world. Dressing for theme parties and weddings, has never been so authentic. Each piece is stylish enough to wear daily and unique enough to be a conversation starter.

This jewelry line includes necklaces and rings with a sigil from each of the most powerful houses of Westeros: Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell and Greyjoy. Each of the houses represented by the jewelry have their own agenda in a powerful, intriguing, twisted up plot that is nothing less than addictive. Demand for the talismans that represent each house may rise and fall with the politics of the show. Right now it is likely that Lannister will be the least popular piece but things change more than the weather in the series so the lovely Lannister sigil will likely sell as well as talismans from the more popular houses.

Phyrrha has been making quality jewelry since 1995 using old world techniques and designs rich in symbolism. The inspiration for Phyrra’s unique brand of jewelry came from a box of 19th century wax seals that were damaged yet beautiful. Their brand of unique, imperfect jewelry rose in demand quickly and the talismans have been spotted on young celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney Mara, Taylor Swift, Josh Hutcherson, and Dianna Agron. And the pieces have been featured on television shows including Once Upon a Time and Elementary. No word yet on whether the pieces made for Game of Thrones will be featured as part of the show, however it will be interesting to watch for them all season. Phyrrha also makes talisman based on your own family sigil if you send in a clear picture, so you can represent your own line as well your Game of Thrones allegiances.

Designer Wade Papin states that he embraced the spirit of the series while staying true to the Phyrrha style. The jewelry maker’s signature style seems to mesh well with the series, so nothing had to be compromised to design this stunning new line.

The jewelry will be made with reclaimed silver or bronze, using the method of lost cast waxing. It should not be worn in chlorine, or saltwater, and can be gently cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. Every authentic Pyrrha Game of Thrones piece comes with a hand torn meaning card, and is tucked into an unbleached cotton pouch. Prices start at $98 and go up to $900. They will be available online through HBO, Pyrrha, and at a few select retailers. Pieces can be preordered to arrive at your door before the season premier.


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