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Where There's an iPhone 6, There's a Gold iPhone 6

Where There's an iPhone 6, There's a Gold iPhone 6

If you have to be the first to have the new blinged-out version of everything, then get your reservation for the iPhone 6 from luxury accessory maker, Brikk. The iPhone 6 Gold versions will be available in options that are sure to please, and sure to make a bold statement.

The Brikk Gold iPhone 6

Brikk offers a totally blinged-out Gold iPhone 6, to accommodate the discerning tastes of luxury-loving customers. The Gold iPhone 6, which is available for pre-order, features 24-carat gold and platinum options, according to Luxury Daily. Brikk founder Cyrus Blacksmith was quoted as saying “We have been creating custom versions of electronics for the past five years” and “By making electronics more premium by plating with precious materials and embellishing with jewels, we create a much more opulent product for our clients that must have something not available to the masses.”

The iPhone 6 is available in your choice of black or white and will be blinged-out in either 24-carat yellow or pink gold or pure platinum. As if that is not enough, the Apple logo can be embellished in gold or 1.08 carats of white diamonds. Customers also have the option to just have the diamond Apple logo and forego the platinum and gold options. The price tag may make your jaw drop, but for iPhone lovers or those who must have a blinged-out phone, the price of $4,495 to $8,795 may be worth it.

JustLuxe explains that the Brikk iPhones are being pieced together at Brikk’s Los Angeles “state-of-the-art laboratory” by engineers who will hand-polish each phone, then prepare and plate each iPhone 6 with five layers of metals. Each will be “then plated a final time in two layers of gold or platinum.” The diamonds will be set “using a microscope in a machined bezel.” Every phone will be assembled and tested before it is sent to the buyer. The Brikk Lux iPhone 6 collection features 14 models which will vary somewhat according to the metals and diamonds used.

Pre-order details

Brikk says that pre-orders for their iPhone 6 are being taken so Brikk can plan and prepare for the phones before the actual iPhone 6 launches. They explain that there are “a lot of logistics that go into our customizations,” especially when it for a product not yet released. Each customer will be asked to specify the desired color of their phone, which metal is to be used and whether to add the diamond Apple logo. Pre-orders require a $500 deposit and the phone will be ready for customers 3-4 weeks after the anticipated September iPhone 6 release. When Brikk ships the phones, customers will enjoy their personalized iPhone 6 that arrives in a custom metal first-aid box, and includes a user guide, USB cable, headphones, power adapter, and certificate of authenticity. A one-year warranty card will also be enclosed.

While some people may think the gold and diamond Brikk iPhone 6 is too costly, it is the ideal expression of individuality for someone who enjoys custom personalization.


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