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Bike of Bling: Luxury Gold Bike on A New Level

Bike of Bling: Luxury Gold Bike on A New Level

Introducing: The Bike of Bling

How much are you willing to pay for a bicycle? Avid bikers will pay $5000 or more for a great bike, but rarely does any bike sell for more.

House of Solid Gold, a California-based company that specializes in selling the “world’s most expensive” objects, challenges the idea of a mere $5000 bike with a new mountain bike covered almost entirely in gold.

Finally! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for!

Excuse Me, How Much?

House of Solid Gold sells the 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike for a whopping $1,000,000, available on their website. The site advertises the bike by stressing its crucially important place in the world as the most expensive bike:

“How many times in one’s lifetime will you see extreme meet extreme? “The House of Solid Gold” created the world’s most expensive extreme mountain bike.”

Hugh Power: International Man of Money

The CEO of House of Solid Gold, Hugh Power, says he thought of the idea for a gold-engraved bicycle while mountain biking. This makes sense, of course, as the first thing someone considers when choosing a great mountain bike is whether it is engraved in gold or not.

Lucky 13

However, the 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike isn’t for just anybody willing to drop one million dollars on a bicycle. House of Solid Gold will only create thirteen of these beautiful yet impractical bikes for the world market, “each one being totally customized and made to the buyers wants and needs.”

You cannot, however, pay for the bike with PayPal, which is a total bummer.

Diamonds and Sapphires and Gold, oh my!

Gold is not the only precious metal or gem on this bicycle. Diamonds and sapphires are pave’ set on the frame emblem for accent and beauty. Specifically, 600 Black Diamonds (6.0 carats) and 500 Golden Sapphires (4.5 carats) make up the House of Solid Gold logo on the frame.

The seat is customized to fit the curvature of the customer perfectly and is, of course, made of alligator skin since this bike was looking pretty shabby. They even threw in a gold-plated water-bottle which is accented with–you guessed it–stingray!

The Way to Happiness

All kidding aside, 90% or more of the proceeds from the sale of these thirteen golden bicycles will go to the global organization The Way to Happiness Foundation. This foundation publishes and distributes “The Way to Happiness” booklet around the world, which I assume helps people somehow.

You CAN touch this!

The House of Solid Gold has some amazing news for us all:

“This “Extreme of Extremes” is now available for the world to touch at many of our scheduled venues.”

Exactly why someone would travel to a venue to touch a golden bicycle is beyond me; but hey, there’s something for everyone, right?

No matter how ridiculous this bike (and its price tag) may seem, there is no denying this bike is beautiful, amazingly crafted, and a true work of art.


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