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Jewelry Designer Gabrielle Sanchez Pairs with American Pearl

Jewelry Designer Gabrielle Sanchez Pairs with American Pearl

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Gabrielle Sanchez is a famous jewelry designer who works most strictly with pearls and quartz. Having graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1977, Sanchez became a freelance jewelry designer right away. Her fascination with pearls protruded on the streets of New York City. Gabrielle ran across an enticing jewelry booth on the corner of 47th Street where she decided to pick the shop owners brain for ages regarding the luster of the pearls, the quality of the pearls and the pieces he carried, as well as origins and shapes.

From this, the famous Pearl designer was born. Adorned by the likes of Kim Bassinger, Vanessa Williams and Katie Couric, to name a few, Gabrielle Sanchez pearls are sought after creations.

According to a recent press release through Yahoo News, American Pearl is teaming up with designer Gabrielle Sanchez to feature her famed line of Pearl Flyer Earrings.

“This marks a full circle return from American Pearl founder’s 47th Street booth to the company’s current showroom on Fifth Ave. Where Charlie Bakhash once provided inspiration to Sanchez, she now provides the Bakhash family business with visually stunning, heirloom-quality pearl earring sets. These alluring pieces are perfect for both formal and casual wear.”

Gabrielle Sanchez’ collection will be featured online and through the famous pearl wholesaler’s New York City Diamond District storefront location.


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