Deep reds and Browns for Fall 2012

The fall season is so glorious with the cool, crisp weather and great, earth-toned color palates. The leaves change to dark red and light browns, and so should your wardrobe!

Put away the pouty pink colors and gear up for all of the biggest name’s in cosmetics Fall color palates!

First up is matching our nails with our season. OPI’s 2012 Fall release, “Every Month is Oktoberfest” is one of the seasons hottest colors and most popular to recreate.

MAC Cosmetics rolled out the Marilyn Monroe Collection this fall with the release of the Marilyn Monroe signature lip color, and lip pencil to match!

All these Fall fashion statements need are some robust reds and oranges to perfect their wardrobes!

This Tiffany & Co. & Frank Ghery Brown Agate Bracelet is a Fall Season Masterpiece–something that can easily be seen hanging out of your coat sleve and add a bit of color and seasonal spirit to your wardrobe. Check it out here.

Fall is also a great time to break out the rubies! With their varied red colors and classic styling, Rubies are a great precious gemstone to feature throughout your Fall Wardrobe.

More information about this magnificent Ruby, Diamond and Tahitian Pearl ring can be found here…and just in time for fall!

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