Zodiac Signs by Van Cleef and Arpels

What do you get when you cross astrology with high jewelry? Results that can best be described with imaginary adjectives invented by Rachel Zoe. If you follow VCA on Twitter (if not, then you should!) maybe you’ve caught their photos of the zodiac sign pieces they showed at the 26th annual Biennale des Antiquaires. Each piece, part of the Palais de la Chance collection, represents a different star sign. They’re all chock full of amazing gems, diamonds, and innovative design – this is Van Cleef and Arpels we’re talking about – but the Libra clip took our breath away. And very appropriately, Libra rules the calendar right now.

The clip features alternating discs of onyx and red coral separated by diamond studded scrolls. Diamonds cover the central scale motif as well as the dangling star (apropos of the stellar design). A gorgeous oval tsavorite presides over the pin, while round and pear tsavorites dangle from either side, representing the scales of Libra.

The collection in its entirety is something to marvel over, and be sure to check out VCA’s Twitter feed to see all of the other astrological signs!

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