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Engagement Rings to Match Your Personality

With cases and cases full of the most beautiful engagement rings Boca Raton has to offer, we fall in love on a daily basis. Round brilliant, pear shaped, emerald cuts and radiants compete for our affection constantly, but a steady stream of new diamonds (because we buy engagement rings) means we never have to officially pick a favorite. Which is a good thing – it changes every time we get a new diamond in the store!

For our clients, however, it’s a totally different situation. Our savvy grooms come in shopping for the perfect engagement ring – one that will last a lifetime. And sometimes they know exactly which diamond shape their intended will love (hints are thoroughly encouraged, ladies!) Other times, our gents come in looking for something different, something beautiful, but something they’re not quite sure of until they’re staring at it through a loupe. And more and more, the ladies are getting in on the ring shopping action! With so many beautiful diamond shapes to choose from (not to be confused with diamond cut), how do you select just the right stone? Well, this handy infographic is a fun way to look at the  “personality traits” of certain stones…

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