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4 Actually Unique Groomsmen Gifts

4 Actually Unique Groomsmen Gifts

There are plenty of wonderful groomsmen gifts, but there are many, many that are played out. We love cufflinks, but the vast majority of young guys do not own French cuff shirts; once they’re old enough to warrant a seriously amazing designer suit and custom shirts, then they come into our store interested in Bvlgari cufflinks. 27 year olds? Not so much. And flasks are great…when you’re 19. Chances are your boys already have a trusty flask they use for the rare event where they are unable to purchase booze legally. Here are some they haven’t received before.

A Boozy Bucket

If you really did want to go the way of alcohol related gifts, why not step up the game. Instead of a stainless steel flask, fill a stainless steel bucket (that they can use again at BBQ;s, game day, etc.) with a beer connoisseur’s goodies. You likely know what type of brew your buddy likes, so create your own 6 pack of various types in that vein, for example a few different Belgian ales, or IPA’s that he may have not tried (Total Wine and Whole Foods are great resources for indie brews). You could even have your own signature microbrew made (we don’t recommend DIY-ing unless you’ve made many, many batches before. It’s an art.) Add in a seriously nice monogrammed mug that matches each guy’s brew of choice and the clincher – a monogrammed permanent beer opener he can hang next to his fridge.

Super Friends

By now you’ve probably seen this picture on Pinterest – because it’s awesome. Gift your guys with their Marvel universe alter egos in t-shirt form (or, you know, whatever super hero you’re into). Not only does it make for a great photo op, it gives them a gift they’ll really use. Splurge on extra soft cotton t-shirts that they’ll wear around the house, to the gym, and probably to the grocery store before their wives make them change.

Hatchet Job

The golden rule of groomsmen gifts is giving them something they can actually use. And what guy isn’t thrilled to use a hatchet? This creative groom hand painted (and possibly wood-burned) nice hatchets for each of his groomsmen, complete with college nickname on the tag.

In the Bag

Every guy needs a good weekend bag, but a surprisingly huge amount don’t have one. Backpacks, laptop bags, pillow cases and reusable grocery bags don’t count. Give your guys a gift they’ll love for years with Herschel’s brightly colored and built to last duffels. Bonus points if you fill it with stuff they’ll need for the wedding or wedding weekend.

Pamper Them Silly


We’re not talking mani-pedi’s here. We’re talking about the one indulgence that every man should enjoy at least once in his life: the good ole’ fashioned hot shave. You can either bring your guys to a nice barbershop and treat them the morning of the wedding, or if you’re getting ready at a hotel have someone bring the razors to you. Likely the person who helped you pick out your tux will know a guy. If not, you can use the powers of Google to find such a traveling beard artist.


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