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Paul Walker's Engagement Ring Donation

Paul Walker's Engagement Ring Donation

It was a very sad and unimaginable event, Paul Walker the blue-eyed Fast and the Furious star ironically passed away in a tragic car crash. Most of his peers are describing him as a very kind and gentle person. To confirm this, a military couple from Victorville is sharing a story of how the celebrity donated to them – albeit anonymously – a $9000 wedding ring. According to the Daily Mail, Kyle Upham and his bride Kristein, both soldiers, were hunting for a diamond ring way back in 2004. The couple met Walker in a Santa Barbara jewelry store and they chatted for a while although they left the store empty handed since they could not afford the engagement ring Kristein had fallen for. The two were however surprised to receive a call from the store requesting them to collect the ring; the bill had been covered by an anonymous buyer.

What captured my attention is the price tag. $9000 is a hefty sum for the average American to invest in a ring. To a celebrity, it is a different case entirely. So how much are celebrities willing to spend on an engagement ring? Here are the 5 most expensive engagement rings that celebrities are walking around with.

Kim Kardashian – around $2 million

The television star received this ring from Kris Humphries – her second husband – before their wedding which only lasted 72 days. The $2 million ring is a 20 carat Lorraine Schwartz with a 16.5 carat emerald at the center. Although the ring was valued at $2 million, it was recently sold at an auction for only $750,000.

Mariah Carey – around $2.5 million

The ring is a 17 carat Jacob and Co. special pink diamond ring. The center diamond is entirely surrounded by 58 small pink diamonds with two half-moons on each side. The pop idol received this engagement ring from her current husband when he proposed to her in 2008.

Paris Hilton – around $4.7 million

Paris Hilton received the ring from Paris Latsis – her fiancé at that time – in 2005. I guess no one told them that marriages between people with similar first names don’t work out that well. Their marriage lasted less than five months. The ring was a 24 carat canary diamond.

Beyoncé – around $5 million

Jay Z did not shy away from spending on Beyoncé’s ring. Bet you wish he was your husband at this moment. The ring is another Lorraine Schwartz with an 18 carat flawless diamond set in platinum. Beyoncé has been spotted with the ring since 2008.

Elizabeth Taylor – around $8 million

In addition to being the most expensive of the bunch, this ring is also the most beautiful, definitely worth every penny. Richard Burton had to break the bank to get Taylor this 33 carat Asscher cut Krupp diamond. I wouldn’t want to be caught walking around with that on my finger, especially not in my neighborhood. I doubt I will still have my finger past the week although Elizabeth Taylor wore the ring throughout her lifetime.

Apparently celebrities love going all out, especially when it comes to jewelry. The cheapest ring on the 5 most expensive engagement rings list is worth an outstanding $2 million. I believe a wedding ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry to invest in as a couple. You will have to wear it for the rest of your life/marriage, and that is probably why celebrities spend big.


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