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Lucapa Discovers 95 Carat Diamond in Angola

Lulo Diamond Concession in Angola is housing some major bling! In 2012 a 131.4 carat diamond was unearthed and Lucapa Diamond Company has recently found a 95.45 ct. stone. To put this in perspective: the size of the large diamond on the average engagement ring is 1.19 ct. according to Glamour. That means that this […]

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Paul Walker's Engagement Ring Donation

It was a very sad and unimaginable event, Paul Walker the blue-eyed Fast and the Furious star ironically passed away in a tragic car crash. Most of his peers are describing him as a very kind and gentle person. To confirm this, a military couple from Victorville is sharing a story of how the celebrity […]

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Yup. Ke$ha's Making a Jewelry Line from Human Teeth

Young jewelry designers these days have been using some unique materials to fashion their masterpieces from. Bronze, malachite, agate, ceramics and even wood and glass are mixed in with precious or semi-precious stones. The designs bespeak lofty inspirations and ideas. Now Kesha (or Ke$ha) as she is better known by in the entertainment world has […]