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Enchanting Radiant-cut Engagement Rings in Sterling Silver 

Enchanting Radiant-cut Engagement Rings in Sterling Silver 

radiant-cut rings

The sight of radiant-cut diamonds is nothing short of spectacular. These radiant-cut engagement rings offer you those extra sparkles with a blend of luxurious elements. However, how did they come to be? How is this a rare opportunity to create a remake of a classic component of the jewelry world? 

In brief, this is a timeless allure found in the age-long ring cut known as the emerald cut. This is one ring cut that dates back to the 16th century. Now, you get the chance to adjust the technique a little bit to add extra radiance. And that, in turn, produces these radiant-cut rings.

Interestingly, in only a little over four decades, this diamond shape already competes with its vintage predecessors. Therefore, are you searching for another option instead of the famous princess cut? Then, it would be best if you tried radiant-cut engagement rings. They are easily a chic and classic option compared to others around. 

Lastly, before you go for any of these styles of diamond, understand the rudiments properly. Good knowledge of how this cut’s grade and where to get the best out there is essential. That right there is the purpose of this article. Keep reading!

Introducing The Radiant-Cut Diamonds

radiant-cut diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds mix the silhouette of the emerald cut with the brilliance and sparkle of the round diamond. These radiant-cut diamond rings come in both square and rectangular designs. Also, they are usually cut with 70 facets. 

Meanwhile, the corners of radiant-cut diamonds come beveled. Hence, they come out as more lasting diamonds. They are less likely to chip. Similarly, a radiant cut is a crossbred shape. Mostly, we have them as squares or rectangles with narrowly pruned edges. 

The majority of radiant-cut diamonds feature between 53 and 70 facets. These facets seriously add to their eye-popping glitter. That additional spark makes this octagonal diamond distinguished for engagement and wedding rings.

The Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings Chronicles 

Let us take a trip back to the late 1970s. Then, a genius diamond cutter, Henry Grossbard, made a shape that will be called the radiant cut. For Henry, he hoped to incorporate the classic nature of a square silhouette with the grandness of a round. This explains why this elegantly cut diamond remains the center stone for many celebrity engagement rings. This list features stars like Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston. 

Later in his life, Henry Grossbard’s family escaped from a Nazi camp in occupied France to the US. In the United States, he proceeded to develop and master his diamond skills and craft over three full decades.

Elements to Consider in a Radiant-Cut Engagement Ring Before Buying

Here is a quick tip from gemologist Lauren Addison in an interview with Brides: “When selecting a radiant-cut diamond, it’s important to be mindful of a well-centered cullet, parallel sides, and corners that are cut identical in size.” 

When shopping for radiant-cut engagement rings, ensure you check for the following details. Along with the details provided, we also provide you with expert recommendations. This is so that you can make an informed choice.

Is it High-Quality? 

The first detail you want to know is what exactly makes radiant-cut engagement rings high quality. First, you begin by making that choice for these radiant-cut rings. After this, you’ll love to confirm that the ratio is at its best.

According to Lauren Addison, “For a traditional rectangular shaped radiant, the ideal ratio is 1.25 although anywhere from 1.20-1.30 will fall within the target parameters. For a square-shaped radiant-cut, a ratio between 1.00-1.03 is best.”

What Settings Work Best?

The next detail is what settings will ideally be fit for radiant-cut rings. If you want that shine, you should opt for an open-prong setting. This will give room for exceptional light interaction.

“If you’re looking for a bit more embellishment, consider adding a diamond halo or setting your radiant with fancy-shaped side stones such as trillions.” That’s another expertpiece of advice from Lauren Addison.

Furthermore, radiant-cut diamonds lend themselves to a wide variety of ring styles. They come out simply yet gorgeously as aolitaire. Again, they come out well also when used in a three-stone ring. When you also see radiant-cut diamonds in wedding bands, the view is breathtaking. 

Overall, it’s advisable not to use a bezel setting with this cut. Consider the fact that the metal around it can douse the great blaze. More so, it can hinder light reflection. Hence, there comes the need for at least four prongs.

These prongs position themselves at the clipped edges of the diamond. That way, they can firmly hold the gemstone in place.

How Wearable is it?

Due to the number of facets radiant-cut diamonds feature, they  “better conceal inclusions and enhance color. They also disperse more light, which means more sparkle.” Those were words from the expert gemologist herself.

Qualities in Radiant-Cut Rings that Make them a Good Bargain 

Cut Quality

Choosing one of these radiant-cut engagement rings means you must understand how to assess its cut quality. This is as a large portion of a diamond’s loveliness comes from its cut. Nevertheless, with elegant diamond cuts like radiant-cut diamonds, this is mostly personal. 

Besides, there is no cut quality grade for radiant-cut diamonds from the GIA or any other gem lab. Therefore, you’ll have to assess it yourself. In all, it’s on you to pick the diamond that has the best sparkle. Hopefully, it gets easier with the advice and recommendations in this article.

Shape Appeal

Similar to other elegant gem cuts, radiant-cut diamonds get their appeal primarily from their cut style. You have to get the corners right. They must come evenly shortened. Stay away from outlines with excessively truncated edges. This is to avoid them looking off-shape.

Length-to-Width Ratio

Radiant-cut rings are available in a vast array of length-to-width ratios (L/W). So, it is now a matter of what you prefer.

However, most ring lovers want an L/W of 1.15 to 1.35 for extended shapes or under 1.05 for square radiant-cut rings. 

Bowtie Effect

This situation is not unique to any ring cut. It is the same with pears, ovals, and marquise-cut diamonds. Radiant-cut diamonds, too, have a bowtie part. It comes as a dark band cutting through the center of the gemstone. 

When the diamonds are not cut well, it reveals a dark bowtie. However, when you see a well-cut radiant, it still possesses that unique sparkle around the stone. Ensure you take a close look at this section of the diamond. Be sure that it glitters perfectly. 

Note that radiant-cut engagement rings with a large bowtie portion do not sparkle. That is certainly not worth your cash. Regardless, it would help if you still tried to select a gemstone with a bowtie that isn’t dark.

Depth and Table

Constraining the whole depth percentage and table ranges will bring out the best finyour radiant-cut rings. Although, this won’t remove all poor performers. The best it can do is to streamline your search to only the best out there.

If you must get the best quality, restrict your search to diamonds with a depth of 61-67%. Also, go for a table of 61-69%.

Clarity Grade

Do you want to get the best diamonds out there? That means you wish to pay only for the best cut. In that case, go for the least clarity grade without affecting the diamond’s look negatively.

However, there is a problem with the powerful brilliance or light refraction of radiant-cut diamonds. Due to these, inclusions in a low clarity grade are difficult to notice. 

Our Recommendations: You can get eye-clean radiant-cut diamond rings in SI1 and SI2 clarity grades. But, for a tight budget, cconsider I1diamonds as well. Although you might not like that, there might be limited options available. 

Color Grade

Radiant-cut rings display more color compared to round brilliants. Nevertheless, an H or I color radiant will look white when placed in an engagement ring. Try J and K color diamonds. They appear stunning also. 

Lower color grades always come out excellently for setting the diamond in yellow or rose gold. Remember that the color of the metal reveals itself in the diamond nonetheless. Therefore, the top color grades (D-F) will also give out a minor color in these settings.

Meanwhile, a whiter color grade is still an option. But, you’ll spend more for a difference you may never notice.

Why Should I Buy a Radiant-Cut Ring?

The truth remains that radiant-cut rings come with numerous perks. These are the advantages they have over other diamond cuts. To decide whether or not this is the cut for you means you must consider these perks.

Enhanced Shine and Color 

Thanks to its enhanced sparkle, a well-cut radiant diamond comes out displaying an excellent diamond color.

Additional Facets

Extra facets come in handy in hiding diamond blemishes and inclusions. That helps to boost the overall clarity of these radiant-cut engagement rings. When measured rightly, radiant-cut diamonds make the most of the diamond carats. They do this by utilizing more of the stone in noticeable ways. They don’t hide unnecessary weight under the exterior of the stone.

Stability and Fit for an Active Daily Life

Thanks to the absence of tricky edges like you find in the princess cut, radiant-cut engagement rings are highly durable. They are even more convenient for an active day-to-day life.

The Bright Sides Of Radiant-Cut Engagement Rings

If you think that’s all about their good side, then you’re wrong. These radiant-cut diamonds mix common cuts like a princess cut and emerald cut. The product of this blend is radiant-cut diamonds. 

More so, these radiant-cut engagement rings feature an innate brilliance. There is simply no need for extra elements to sparkle. Although the cut is fierce in its design, it retains that grand, neat, and elegant image. That is probably thanks to its emerald-cut origin. 

Furthermore, since this cut comes with defined edges, it gets easier for wearers to rock them in rings. The design of the cut reduces the odds of the diamond chipping and scratching while you have it on.

The Not-so-Bright Sides Of Radiant-Cut Rings

Forget that radiant-cut diamonds possess some of the best diamond features for a moment. On the flip side, there are still cons to this cut. 

First, radiant-cut diamonds come with a lot of depth to them. Similarly, they hide most of their weight beneath the diamond. That alone can diminish the diamond’s sparkle. Therefore, if you prefer that additional shine, you will have to go for a bigger size. 

In addition, the deepness of these radiant-cut diamonds again suggests something about the setting of the ring. And that is that the ring must be ready to tolerate the diamond’s weight. That again adds to a rise in the cost.

Taking Care of your Radiant-Cut Rings

According to Lauren Addison, the relevance of caring for your diamond cannot be overstated. Moreover, it all starts with cleaning your diamond ring often. She says, “To break down the inevitable buildup of dirt and oils, I suggest soaking your ring in a simple solution of warm water and liquid soap every few weeks. Gently scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush, rinse, and pat dry. Avoid abrasive chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners as they’ll do more harm than good.”

Additionally, she recommends that you figure out the right time to take your radiant-cut rings off. Instances include:

  • A day on the beach
  • While you work out at the gym
  • When engaging in tasks like gardening or cleaning. 


The diagonal measurement that appears on a radiant cut can appear tricky sometimes. This happens mostly when you use your naked eye. It will seem bigger than a round brilliant even when they have the same carat weight. In addition, radiant-cut diamonds are more enduring and lasting than other cuts. This is thanks to its beveled edges

Finally, inclusions in llow-claritygrade radiant-cut diamond rings are difficult to notice. It is possible to get eye-clean diamonds in SI1 and SI2 clarity grades. Overall, with your knowledge of the outstanding details of this diamond cut, you can get lovely radiant-cut engagement rings for yourself and your spouse. It is a perfect way to relish your special moments.


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