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Ah, if only the falcon headdress worn by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 for the movie, Cleopatra could talk. What tales it would tell about how she fell madly in love with her co-star and soon to be two-time husband Richard Burton (Notice we said two-time, not two-timing. That would be a whole different story.) You’ll have your chance to bid on the headdress,made of hand-etched painted and gold feathers with gold spines, but bear in mind before you plunk down the $2,000 – 3,000 it’s expected to go for, that it comes with no guarantee that it will confide its secrets to you.

Yesterday, Julien’s Auctions announced that yet another batch of Ms Taylor’s jewelry and other treasures will be auctioned in Beverly Hills on October 12. You can get a sneak preview, but you’ll have to go to Ireland where they’ll be on display. Also on the block will be a 18 karat gold necklace and earring matching combo set with diamond, peridot, topaz, and citrine stones. If you want to bid on this set, count on spending the likes of $10,000 – $15,000.

Elizabeth Taylor was known for her beauty, her violet eyes, and her eight marriages to seven husbands, (Burton was number five and number six,) but one of the items that will be up for bid predates her film days. It is an inlaid stagecoach box used by her mother, actress Sara Sothern. With mother-of-pearl handles and toiletry jars of cut-glass, it’s expected to bring in $6,000 – $8,000.

In case you’re outbid, you’ll still have a chance to purchase some of her clothing. The lot also includes film costumes and cocktail dresses, including a low cut spaghetti strap gown and bolero jacket she wore to Burton’s 50th birthday celebration in London in 1975. The creation was designed for her by South African couturier Chris Levin

So you’re thinking “I thought everything she had had been sold off already.” So did most people, but Julien Auctions says it belonged to an unnamed former employee. How’s that for an end-of-year bonus?

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