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Introducing: Divorce Rings

Introducing: Divorce Rings

The divorce rate remains high at 50%, contributing to the emergence of trends like Divorce Parties and creative advertising for jewelry. And given that we’re one of the US’s largest diamond buyers, we meet our fair share of ladies looking to trade in, trade up and move on from a rock tinged with memories of a past relationship. But rarely do we meet someone in search of celebratory divorce jewelry.

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Apparently though, there is a market! As evidenced by this Spritzer and Furman signed divorce ring. The yellow gold broken heart ring is set with four full cut diamonds and a center trillian cut diamond, circa 1970. The ring sold for $3,200.

Don’t get us wrong – if a funky way to commemorate the newest chapter in your life speaks to you, then by all means, shop away for divorce rings! But rather than spending an extra three grand, we’d sell the old ring, snag a fabulous right hand ring., or trade for a watch, necklace, designer handbag…We’re sure you can think of a few more things!


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