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Diamonds to Regrow Teeth?

Diamonds to Regrow Teeth?

Modern medicine has coupled with modern dentitstry to grant aid and healing to individuals with osteonecrosis, a disease in which bone deteriorates. This is caused by interrupted or reduced blood flow. Certain medications also promote the bone deterioration which in extreme cases can erode the jaw bone entirely.

In a new study, researchers from the University of California Los Angeles used diamonds attempting to create and develop better and more efficient dental implants. Essentially, they used diamonds to regrow teeth. The researchers explain that the diamonds they utilized were nanodiamonds and would not affect the market for precious diamonds. Nanodiamonds are actually byproducts of conventional mining and refining operations. The researchers utilized minute leftover diamond pieces to learn if they could help promote teeth growth.

Four Research Teams Collaborate in Dental Growth

The scientists from four research institutes, the UCLA School of Dentistry, the UCLA Department of Bioengineering, Northwestern University and the NanoCarbon Research Institute in Japan collaborated and used these little soccer-shaped diamonds to promote bone growth while slowing or ceasing osteonecrosis, the break down of bones due to reduced blood flow. Once osteonecrosis affects the jaw area, it negatively impacts implants and causes them to not work or fall out completely.

Osteonecrosis Prevents Successful Implants

Since people with osteonecrosis would need to repair implants often, the research team headed by Dr. Dean Ho used nanodiamonds as tools providing protein to the bone and implant so deterioration of the bone slows down, extending the lifespan of the patient’s dental implants. During traditional surgeries that repair bone growth, surgeons use a sponge that can help administer proteins that promote growth. These surgeries are quite invasive. The experiment using the nanodiamonds to administer the protein would not be an invasive surgical procedure at all. The researchers believe that the nanodiamonds could potentially be used to help teeth grow. This would be affected by delivering protein to the bone and implants to fight the necrosis.

Study Conclusions

In the study published in the Journal of Dental Research , Laura Moore, MD, PHD, first author of the study, stated,”We’ve conducted several comprehensive studies, in both cells and animal models, looking at the safety of the nanodiamond particles.Initial studies indicate that they are well tolerated, which further increased their potential in dental and bone repair applications.” Dr. Dean Ho added, according to Medical Xpress, “Nanodiamonds are versatile as platforms. Because they are useful for delivering such a broad range of therapies, nanodiamonds have the potential to impact several other facets of oral, maxillofacial and orthopedic surgery, as well as regenerative medicine.”

Therefore the diamond industry steps into the technological age of medicine and dentisty in a manner unforeseen before. With nanodiamonds, non-precious by products of the diamond mining and refining industry, mankind can soon be enabled to regrow missing teeth, and also diminish the deterioration of the facial jaw bones due to osteonecrosis.

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