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Happy Plugs Gold Earphones

Happy Plugs Gold Earphones

There were days when an iPod was a luxury product and plugging a pair of iPod headphones made a statement on one’s social class, then came Beats by Dre; headphones credited to rapper and music producer Dr. Dre that recently took the world of headphones by storm as a premium gadget given the many celebrity endorsements it received. Well, those days are in the past and luxury around audio gadgets has gone a notch higher with the recent launch of 18 karat gold headphones by the Swedish brand- Happy Plugs; this is what presently defines luxury in the world of listenership.

The redefinition of luxury in the headphone industry by Happy Plugs, that just launched the 18 carat gold headphone in Berlin, Germany, has opened a new door for consumers of high-end electronics. According to rupty.tv, showcasing this high-end gadget at the IFA electronics fair in Berlin, officially brought bling to Germany. With a price tag of $14, 500, these gadgets have without doubt given new meaning to luxury in a most crucial way. Just to put everything in context, one 18 carat gold headphone is made from 25 grams worth of gold; that’s according to Andreas Vural, CEO and founder of Happy Plus who explained at the launch in Berlin. The $14, 500 price tag buys you a new car and two Rolex watches, so with such value on a single headphone, it proper to look at luxury from a totally new perspective.

But then, bling as evolved from the days when jewelry was synonymous with rappers to the present day when wall street millionaires adorn the latest luxury gadgets from accessories to electronics. The word ‘bling’ brought to fame by rapper Lil Wayne and his friends from the Hot Boys rap group has somehow found its way into Oxford English dictionary and by extension the Buckingham palace which is home to the world’s most expensive ‘bling’- crown jewels. As more millionaires emerge with growing world economies, luxury accessories continuously become a symbol of wealth and social status. The 18 carat handmade headphones from respected goldsmiths of Stockholm will, therefore, fast find their space in the front row of opulent gadgets.

Fashion icons and luxury brand ambassadors in the world of music and movies will drive this new market to another higher level when they acquire this new gadget. You can place a significant bet on improved sales of the 18 carat gold headphone when rapper Jay Z, his millionaire comrade P. Diddy or actor Brad Pitt is spotted enjoying music conveyed through gold in this new gadget. When that happens, the 18 karat gold headphone will not only be a status symbol but also a fashion statement.

Having been launched just recently, the Happy Plugs luxury headphones are yet to cause a craze in the luxury electronics’ world. It is however safe to predict an upsurge in the gadgets’ demand in the coming months and a possible launch of a 22, 23 or even 24 carat line in the near future. For those planning to join the luxury electronics’ league, the bar just got raised, so work hard to keep up because it will soon move to a whole new level.



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