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Parmigiani Fleurier Creates Watch to Honor Brazil

Parmigiani Fleurier Creates Watch to Honor Brazil

Brazil is a country full of passion and vibrancy. The city is known for its music, dancing, and style. In order to honor the vibrant social culture of Brazil, Parmigiani Fleurier has created an exciting new watch that infuses modern style with the passionate flavor of Brazilian life. Fleurier’s watch has many striking features and qualities that set it aside as one of the modern premiere watch that watch buyers will want to get their hands on. It’s style is modern with a taste of Brazil and a bit of old fashion sprinkled in. The Samba design has stood out overtime as a must for collectors world wide, and it is not surprise that this newest creation shines on all points.

According to Luxuo, the watch is titled the Samba Madeira, a name that bares the essence of Brazilian dance and ethnic flavor. The name itself sets it aside from high-end Swiss and Italian watches and creates an essence of Latin America that is missing from the watch world. Fleurier delivers entirely with a design that is as vibrant as the watch itself. The face of the watch has different colors that center around shades of blue and green. These shades are synonymous with the lifestyle of Brazil. The colors also hold a great deal of symbolism, as Brazil has a host of events that it will hold itself prideful of, such as the World Cup and the Olympics. The watch acts as another huge world event that Brazil can grasp onto and call its own.

The watch’s face is designed with an exquisite guitar that seeks to replicate the music that is at the center of Brazil’s soul. The guitar itself is so intricate that itself has strings, thus demonstrating the time and detail that has been put into Fleurier’s watch itself. Owners of the watch will appreciate the titanium face and ability to see into the watch as the watch provides a sight straight into not only its soul, but the soul of all of South America. Masterly crafted the watch stands as an exquisite masterpiece even as stylish as Brazil itself, made evident by the 18-karat gold built into the face of the watch,

The watch makes sure to leave something for everyone. It’s more flavorful than the typical standard high-end watches. Fleurier has hit the mark in order to honor Brazil. So much so is this watch a homage to Brazil, that Hermes took part in the duties of creating the exquisite band for the watch, creating a clasping band that is striking and vibrant, both reflecting Brazilian culture and offering a practical clasp that is not harmful to the wrist.

Overall the watch provides a great way to celebrate Brazil in the style and elegance it deserves. The vibrant style and colorful nature of the watch create an instant shout out to those that have spent their energy and effort making the watch, whilst giving credence to the ideas that were directly inspired by Brazilian life. Owning the watch is a great way to celebrate Brazil and be on top of the world in style at the same time.


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