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I Do: Traditional Bachelorette Party

I Do: Traditional Bachelorette Party

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We share why the traditional bachelorette party is an I DO in our series: I Do/ I Don’t, where we split the pros and cons between the hottest wedding trends.

A major aspect of the traditional wedding experience includes bachelor & bachelorette parties. This is one of the most anticipated events of the wedding for the wedding party and often the most fun! The last hurrah for the bride and groom separately before their nuptials should be a legendary affair—and sticking to the traditional aspects can really make this a bachelorette party for the ages!

In this week’s wedding series, I DO Traditional Bachelorette Parties!

The traditional bachelorette party goes back centuries, but really developed to its current reputation during the sexual revolution of the 1960s, according to sources. While the traditional bachelorette party can also be associated with a night of debauchery, this is something the hosts and the interests of attendees will have to determine.

A traditional bachelorette party usually starts with cocktails in the late afternoon or early evening, either on the beach, at a home of the host, or at the restaurant where the bridal party will be dining that evening. This gives the hens an opportunity to bond, gossip and discuss the events of the evening. The party occasionally includes fun games that the guests can play in public or at bars.

Usually followed by dinner, each guest will typically kick up their share before the affair or as the party moves along. Normally the women in attendance will donate a few dollars extra at each venue to pay for the bride.
The entertainment for the evening is where this party gets its controversial reputation. Traditionally, the host reserves a spot at a male strip club or hires a male stripper to meet the party at a private venue—to embarrass and tempt the bride before her big day. While this is usually done in good fun, it’s not a mandatory aspect of the affair.

Many bachelorette parties will replace this entertainment with a show at a local theater, a comedy show, dinner theater or skipping all of these options for bar hopping. Any and all combinations of these aspects are traditional for this type of affair.

Going the traditional route only needs to include good friends, cocktails, and amazing memories. While guests don’t always bring gifts for the bachelorette party, sometimes the host will request that guests bring naughty-themed gifts for the bride or an article of lingerie to boost up her wardrobe for her groom.

Whatever route you decide for a traditional bachelorette party, it’s always important to stay safe and not put anyone’s health or reputation in danger. Many bachelorette parties today are including a party bus or chauffeured car to ensure the safety of the bride and party attendants.


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