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Out of The Box Bachelorette Party Ideas

We simply adore our Raymond Lee Jewelers brides. From the moment we hear all about them, their personal taste and style while helping their groom choose their ring, our relationship begins. When we finally get to meet them post-proposal for ring fitting, cleaning, and helping to choose a gorgeous wedding band, we’re always thrilled to meet yet another stylish, sophisticated lady. And our modern brides simply aren’t the type to don copious amounts of phallic accessories and hit the town for a black out bachelorette evening. This got us thinking, what are some alternative bachelorette party ideas for our awesome brides that don’t include Magic Mike reenactments? Here are a few of our favorite out of the box bachelorette party ideas to share with your bridesmaids…

1. Wine Tasting

This bachelorette idea is perfect for even brides who aren’t oenophiles. Imagine a day surrounded by your closest girlfriends sipping and savoring all the wine you could dream of! Red, white & bubbly are likely just the beginning of your adventure, as most wineries offer mouthwatering gourmet bites to pair with their offerings. Another great (and budget friendly!) idea is to simply hire a sommelier for the day and do a potluck style food pairing at someone’s house. You and your girls will enjoy a day full of great wine, food and friends while learning a thing or two about vino. And let’s face it, that glass of Riesling sounds far more pleasant than tequila shots.

2. Adult Arts & Crafts

Going along with the wine theme, one of the hottest new girls’ night spots are places like Sips ‘n Strokes – art lessons uncorked! You and your favorite ladies can enjoy an evening of the arts over your favorite adult beverage. Another idea? Add a twist that will keep you and your girls giggling all night and having some risque fun that doesn’t involve embarrassing yourself. The Artful Bachelorette hosts bachelorette painting parties featuring a live (nude) male subject. Much more highbrow than the stripper cop schtick – it’s culture, ladies, culture.


When you run one of the most successful bridal blogs in the biz, you’ve seen it all when it comes to wedding and bachelorette trends. So when Amanda of 100 Layer Cake had her bachelorette party, she made sure it stood out. A weekend in Vegas made more of glitter and girl time than seedy strippers was highlighted by an all-out pillow fight. The kind of feather-flying good times you usually only see in movies, celebrating her impending marriage, and followed up with a sexy slumber party twist – a burlesque lesson!

4. Spa Retreat

Perhaps the polar opposite of a liquor fueled night on the town, escape with your girls to your favorite spa. This can be a staycation or even an intimate destination bachelorette weekend. Pamper yourselves silly for a few days and come back with the same pre-wedding glow you had before your bachelorette party.

5. Cruise

If you want the wild night experience, plus great food, an abundance of wine, spa downtime and, okay, the feathery pillowfight as well, then a ladies’ weekend cruise might be the ideal bachelorette party for you. A 3 day trip will leave you and your girls plenty of time to indulge, relax, have plenty of girl time, and celebrate your entry into married life with a relaxing and fun vacation for everyone.

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