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Apple iWatch Designer Drawing Speculation

Apple iWatch Designer Drawing Speculation

Ever since the first sleekly designed iMacs were rolled out in August of 1998, Apple, Inc has been wowing us with one techie product after another. There was the iPod, iPad, iPhone and the iMac. The list goes on and on.

The newest Apple gadget to be released will be a wearable one. Somewhere along the lines of Nike’s Fuel Band (a watch that keeps up with caloric output along with telling the time) Apple is planning to produce a wristwatch. The name? You guessed it, the iWatch, what else?

The streamlined designs of the brightly colored iMacs and the skinny aluminum Macbook Airs is due in part to the work of a British chap, Jonathan Ive. Ive is the former head of industrial design at Apple. All of that industrial design experience didn’t leave Ive much room for software development. Still, after the firing of head of software Scott Forstall in the fall of October, 2012, Apple replaced the position with Jonathan Ive, industrial designer.

Now he will have control over what the gadgets look like on the inside as well as the outside. He has recently re-imaged the iPhone screen, his first job as a software designer. So why are fashonistas and techies giving side glances at each other? For one thing, the drastic change in the iPhone’s screen received mixed reviews. The look is bright and flamboyant with pink, blue and purple as the predominate colors. Secondly, his own personal style is being scrutinized.

Ive prefers the early 1980s Clarks Wallabee chukka style with blue t-shirts and button down denim shirts. His most fashion conscious look so far was the striped boating sweater that he recently wore to Burberry’s Spring 2012 runway show. Ive did however, work under Steve Jobs for much of his career. Jobs’ standard uniform was a black Issey Miyake mock turtleneck, Levi’s and sneakers.

So what will this new wearable Apple product look like? Both techies and the fashion conscious alike will be waiting for the release of the iWatch with bated breath.


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