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It’s Official: The iWatch is Definitely Happening

It’s Official: The iWatch is Definitely Happening

It is now official. The Apple iWatch will likely debut sometime this year and it will do much more than tell time. Apple is said to have more than 100 technicians working on the device that they have applied for 70+ patents for that include the word “wrist”.

While many feel the need for a wristwatch has been replaced by the cellphone (other than for jewelry purposes), this new Apple iWatch will take the wrist-worn to new levels of communications. Imagine, wearing your smartphone on your wrist and being able to control it by voice.

The new device is expected to do pretty much everything you can do on an iPhone with the exception of gaining internet access. You see there is a theory that the iWatch will not be a replacement for, but an adjunct to to the smartphone. The phone could possibly still be needed as an internet hotspot for the iWatch.

While some may be waiting for the iTV it appears the iWatch will be first to the market. This will create a whole new set of skills for those of us who have just gotten used to texting and talking to a device we held in our hands. The next device looks to be a wrist away.

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