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Antique Jewelry Guide: The Edwardian Era Jewelry 1900 to 1910

Antique Jewelry Guide: The Edwardian Era Jewelry 1900 to 1910

The Edwardian era, named after King Edward VII of England, lasted from 1900 to 1910. Jewelry during the Edwardian era was known for style, sophistication and high fashion. King Edward succeeded his Mother Queen Victoria, who had tended to shun high society. Not so for King Edward and his bride.

Edward enjoyed travel and had seen much of Europe. Some say the fashions of jewelry during the Edwardian Era were influenced by the styles of continental Europe.

King Edward and his Danish wife, Alexandria, enjoyed sports, fashion, and society. Edwardian Era jewelry is signified by beauty, elegance and excellent craftsmanship. Edwardian Era jewelry is unparalleled in its quality and elegance, even up to the present day.

The fashion in clothing at that time was delicate, making use of pastels and a white-on-white. Jewelry styles followed clothing style and became delicate and feminine, incorporating a lot of lace. The S-silhouette was a prevalent design of the time.

Today people still wear Edwardian jewelry, including diamond earrings, pearls, and jeweled tiaras. All over the world, sophisticated and elegant women choose to wear Edwardian Era antique jewelry, which hints at wealth, class, and femininity. The bar pin, filigree brooches and pearl necklaces were popular in the Edwardian era, and are still favored today.

Kristen Wiig was seen on the red carpet wearing a vintage diamond choker, which was inspired by Edwardian era antique jewelry.

Queen Alexandria’s fashion habits included wearing ornate chokers around the neck. Wiig was also wearing a gold and diamond ring, similar to jewelry of the Edwardian era.

As you consider purchasing Edwardian Era jewelry, be sure you use a reputable and established jeweler to do your appraisal. They can be trusted to discover and reject any fakes or imitations, and to know and understand the true value of Edwardian era vintage jewelry.

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