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DRAMA at Fashion Week: Zac Posen Slap

Yes, a front row seat at a high profile fashion show is a coveted prize, especially for the editors of top fashion magazines. And some editors will stop at nothing to sit runway-side. It appears that a young lady working in public relations for a fashion walk was female-dog-slapped over a front row seat at a Zac Posen Fashion Week runway show recently. The spat ensued after fire marshalls removed 60 of the front row seats for the show. This left PR executive Lynn Tesoro and her team short on seating for invited guests, including Jalou publishing house president Marie-Jose’ Susskind-Jalou and her daughters. When Tesoro failed to come up with seats for the mother and two daughters, a shouting match followed. Tesoro was allegedly slapped in the face by Madame Joulu’s daughter Jennifer Eyemere, Jolouse Magazine’s editor.

Ms. Tesoro is now seeking $1 million or possibly more in damages for “assault, battery, emotional distress, slander and/or libel.” L’Officiel magazine editor Vanessa Bellugeon, Madame Jalou’s second daughter, is also named in the law suit.

Ms. Tesoro filed a summons with notice on Tuesday, after the Sunday, Sept. 9th fashion walk in Manhattan Supreme Court. The notice is against Madame Jalou and her two fashion editor daughters.

Eyemore apparently admitted to the slap claiming that Tesoro, co-founder of HL Group, the team that represents Posen, humiliated them in front of others. She claims that Tesoro was screaming at them and humiliating them in front of a group pf people, causing them embarrassment. She said that it was “a small slap, it didn’t hurt her, it was just to humiliate her.”

Eyemore also said that she was sorry and that she knew it was wrong. She is also quoted as saying, ” Now you know you don’t f*** with French people.”

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