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An Educational Guide for Buying Diamond Studs

An Educational Guide for Buying Diamond Studs

diamond studs

Everything you Need to Know about Diamond Studs including what size you should get, where to find the best quality, and how much you should spend on them.

diamond studs


What are Diamond Studs?

Diamond studs are one of the most popular choices to choose from when it comes to choosing earrings. They are easy to customize and they make a great gift for any occasion for yourself or someone you love. There are a lot of choices involved with picking out a good pair of quality diamond studs so today we’re going to help you narrow it down.

Where can I Find Quality Studs?

Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida, we offer a wide variety of quality diamond studs for you to choose from. From petite princess cuts to bold round statement studs, we’ve got you covered. The first thing you need to do in your efforts for finding the perfect diamond stud is to figure out your budget. After you know how much you can afford to spend everything else flows from there. Below you’ll find our guide to helping you pick out a high-quality pair of diamond studs perfect for any occasion. 

How Much Should I Spend on a Pair of Stud Earrings?diamond studs boca raton

How much you spend on a pair of diamond studs is completely up to you. You can get a good quality pair of studs anywhere from $250 to $10,000. It really depends on where you look and how much you can afford. However, it should be noted that the more money you have to spend, more options you’ll have to choose from. 

What Makes a Good Quality Diamond Stud?diamond earrings boca raton

This may come as a surprise but it’s not how much the diamond cost or if the diamond is certified that makes it a quality diamond. We’ll get into diamond certification a little bit later in the article. For now, we’re going to talk about how to find a good quality diamond. What things you need to look for, how those things can differ, and we’ll show you some of our favorite products along the way.

The Four C’s

Now that you’ve got your budget all figured out and you know how to find a good quality diamond, it’s time to take a look at the four C’s. These are the cut, color, clarity, and carat of a diamond. Each of the four C’s will ultimately determine the overall quality of a diamond by a grader or retailer. Read more about the four C’s here.

The Clarity

What we call birthmarks, diamonds call inclusions. These imperfections or inclusions found on a diamond are measured using a clarity chart. The clarity of a diamond refers to the degree in which inclusions are present on the surface of the diamond. This could be a chip or a dent in the surface or some sort of discoloration. 

Though it’s rare for a diamond to have a perfect clarity, most of the diamonds that are sold have little to no noticeable flaws. So even if the clarity level of a diamond is rated high, you may not be able to notice the imperfection. In fact, most if not all diamond flaws can only be seen through a loupe tool that magnifies to 10x.

The Color

For those of you who are looking to purchase a more nontraditional pair of studs, you might want to consider a pair of colored diamond studs. Many diamonds occur naturally in a range of colors. Some of these are rarer and more valuable than others. And some diamonds are graded using a letter system. Each letter serves as a different color grade and just as the size of a carat can vary in price.pearl stud earrings
Just what every woman needs, the perfect pair of colored everyday studs. These pearl studs are handcrafted in silver evoking a classic, whimsical look. They are the most ideal pair of colored studs for an affordable price. Not quite doing it for you? Shop more studs here.

Looking for a more simple stud? These yellow gold champagne diamond studs might be just the pair you’ve been waiting for. They offer a more traditional look while adding a hint of color to make them pop. They’re the perfect gift for any princess.

These Beautifully colored white and gold studs from will catch everyone’s attention with their vibrant and shiny color. This pair of stylish clusters is glamorous and versatile making it easy to dress up or dress down with any outfit. And they make a great gift for any wife, mom, or girlfriend.

Like the studs above from the Tacori collections, these ancient Greek studs are also stunningly designed pieces of fine jewelry. They feature two sparkling Amethyst surrounded by polished silver moons which make a delightful view. With a feminine and romantic feel, these purple diamond studs are hard to resist.


Ancient Greek Key Statement Stud Earrings, Cost: $2,195.00

The Cut

Aside from color and carat, another important aspect of choosing the perfect diamond stud is choosing the cut. Some of the most common stud cuts include round, square, and Asscher, and princess. While some of the lesser common cuts include pear-shaped, marquise, and more.


With approximately 0.60 ctw these heart-shaped earrings will be the gift that says it all. Featuring 14k white gold metal and a beautiful paved diamond heart these earrings are fabulous, to say the least. They are a nontraditional type of diamond stud that’s perfect for any traditional look.

If you’re not quite sure how you feel about heart-shaped earrings, check out these round diamond studs. They’re beautifully crafted in a white gold setting with 1.04 ctw of Round Brilliant diamonds. Find more earrings like this.


For those looking for just a splash of color these square-shaped 14k white gold diamond stud earrings are sure to add the right touch to any outfit. Featuring a retro look in a yellow gold setting these studs have a lot of personality. They also make a great gift for mom or grandma.


These white gold pear-shaped diamond studs are simply amazing! If you’ve got some wiggle room in your budget for a nice pair of earrings consider these. They make a perfect gift for yourself or a significant other.  

14K White Gold 0.60 ctw Pear-Shaped Diamond Stud Earrings
, Cost: $2,995.00

The Carat

Carats are an important component to consider when it comes to picking out the perfect diamond stud. This is the biggest factor when it comes to pricing. While carats do refer to a diamond’s weight, most people use them to refer to the size of it. Diamonds with higher carat weights can often appear to be (and are) larger than a one with a smaller carat weight. However, proportions can and will also affect its appearance. If a diamond is cut too deep will hold more of its mass at the bottom of the stone, where it can’t be seen. But if that same diamond were to be cut too shallow instead it will then hold more mass at the top, where it can be seen. 

Featuring 1.43 ctw round cut diamonds, this pair of stud earrings is simply gorgeous. They are set in a beautifully crafted white gold setting which makes them elegant and sophisticated. With these earrings in your ear, you’ll catch the eye of everyone that walks past you.

Diamond Stud Earrings, Cost: $4,295.00
With 1.90 ctw these diamond flower stud earrings stunning. They feature pear-shaped diamonds that were handcrafted to resemble flower petals plus a single round diamond in the center for a real authentic vibe. These flower studs make an ideal gift for a girlfriend or even a daughter.

With a total of 3.45 carats, this pair of diamond studs is sure to add the right sparkle to any and every choice of attire. They make a great anniversary gift. And the best part? You can pay over a period of time using affirm.

Amazingly crafted with 2 Round Brilliant Diamonds that are approximately 1.57 ctw each, this set of diamond studs is breathtaking. They feature approximately 0.50 ctw of round brilliant diamonds in a white gold halo setting. The diamonds are H/I in color and SI3 in clarity. Want to see more like this? Shop other halo studs here.

Diamond Certification

A diamond certification is basically a report card. It’s a report card for the diamond that reflects each of the four C’s we talked about above along with other details like its measurements and unique traits like symmetry and fluorescence. As a result, diamonds get certified by sending them to a third party grading lab like the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s largest grading laboratory.

After the diamond goes through a grading process and receives a unique identification number it gets sent back to the retailer with a report. However, it’s important to note that grading labs often vary in their grading structure criteria. Their quality control, standards, and grading criteria can all differ. They are not held to any objective standard.

Because it’s like comparing apples to oranges, having a certificate does not denote a better quality diamond from one that is not certified. Certificates can, however, be a useful tool when it comes to shopping for diamonds. You really just want to take your time when shopping for diamonds. And don’t buy a diamond without doing your homework.

Overviewemerald diamond studs

We hope you learned a thing or two while reading this article. If you forget anything, we promise we won’t be upset. That was a lot of information to digest. And that’s what this overview is all about!

It’s our mission to help you better understand all the ins and outs of retail jewelry in order to create a better shopping experience for you. So to recap what we just learned, we now know that diamond studs are among the most popular group of diamond earrings. We also learned what makes a good quality diamond and where you can find them here in the local Boca Raton area.

Our detailed guide walked you through the four C’s and what each of them means. In case you forgot, the four C’s represent the cut, color, clarity, and carat of a diamond. And lastly, we discussed diamond certification and what it means for a diamond to be certified. All diamonds that are certified go through ax extensive grading examination that is done by a grading lab.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of diamond studs suitable to your personality, it’s going to take some time. It shouldn’t be a decision that you make impulsively but rationally. And we hope that this guide served as a tool for you to do just that. 

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