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10 Watch Infographics Every Man Needs

10 Watch Infographics Every Man Needs

Today’s Man Crush Monday (#MCM) is all about watches! We love chatting about our favorites, sharing how to spot fakes, and of course showing off our priciest new acquisitions. Our favorite out of all those though is likely sharing helpful information like how to find and buy authentic luxury watches. And so, starting on that topic, we’re sharing 10 watch infographics – graphics laden with tips, tricks and info – that every man needs before he starts watch shopping. The first step in starting a watch collection is always customer education, so let’s dig in to some study materials on this #MCM! CLick on the infographics to read them full size.

1. A guide for how to buy authentic pre owned Rolexes (something we know a thing or two about!)

2. The coolest watches of all time – bear in mind, roughly 90% of horology is subjective. We happen to agree with many of the watches on this list.

3. One of the hottest topics of current discussion: Will Smart Watches last? And do they pose a threat to luxury watches?

4. When Rolex was founded, it joined the ranks of other established luxury brands, but its impact on the watch industry quickly grew & is now unsurpassed.

5. Of course, Rolex isn’t the only big name in watch history.

6. And TAG Heuer remains popular.

7. The evolution of watches, with or without brand names, marches on.

8. And the most famous watches span every phase of watch history.

9. And many match up with the most expensive watches ever sold.
 10. And finally, the evolution of luxury watch brands.


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