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Ideas for your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Ideas for your Winter Wonderland Wedding

What better setting for a gorgeous winter wedding than a winter wonderland? Décor that matches your dress and brings some warmth to the icy chill in the air is a winter wonderland wedding fit for a princess!

A great finishing touch to the pews of the church are these glazed branches! A simple but gorgeous touch for the DIY Bride, collect an obscene amount of long, thin branches over the course of the fall. A week or two before the nuptials, spray paint the branches white and shower them with silver glitter. Once dried, arrange the branches in bundles with a thick ribbon, preferably one that matches a wedding color and secure them to the end of the pew. This project would only cost as much as the paint, glitter, and ribbon and perhaps could be completed for under $30!

A winter wonderland themed wedding is comparable to a minimalist theme: You can keep the linens and decorations strictly white and still overdo your theme! This is a great way to avoid an incredible florist bill–especially during a time of year where your florist can’t get a lot of local flowers!

These are some fantastic ideas to fill out the small details of your winter wedding! Using small christmas ball decorations for place card holders can be a great DIY touch to save some money!

An all white cake, of course depending on some factors can be much less expensive than a heavily embellished cake since it takes less work.

Snowflake embellished coasters or wine stoppers for party favors and white and blue candle arrangements for centerpieces, instead of floral arrangements and higher priced favors can be great choices!

Even Floridians can set the perfect scene for a winter wonderland wedding! Checking out the hip, new Ice Bar concept across the country, there is one in the Orlando Metro area and one in Miami. Talk to venues like this to set up the perfect winter wonderland wedding experience that your guests won’t soon forget!


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