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Wings & Rings

Wings & Rings

Every year, thousands if not several thousand are affected by Draggius Feetoccopolous, more commonly known as Male Procrastination Syndrome. Adult couples throughout the US, and even worldwide, suffer from the devastating effects of this widespread issue. Male adults figure they’ve got plenty of time to a) propose b) find the perfect ring and c) have the dream ring designed in time for their vaguely “planned” proposals. These poor men are wrong.

The catastrophic result of MPS is often a despondent would-be-groom, hanging his head in shame as he realizes he should have ordered the engagement ring before he booked the hot air balloon, harpist and sea lions/trainer.* But this epidemic affects the loved ones of MPS sufferers too. Think of the dozens of dashed Pinterest dreams, the foiled hopes that the last March Saturday wedding availability at The Boca Resort was even within grasp. MPS affects not only those men that it forced to procrastinate. It ruins their girlfriends’ shot at making it onto the next season of Say Yes to the Dress.

We at Raymond Lee Jewelers take procrastination very, very seriously. We fight every day to put an end to MPS, and to put a ring on it, for as many couples as we can. This month, join us for our inaugural Male Procrastination Syndrome Awareness event. If you know, or suspect a loved one is suffering from MPS, gently remind him that most designer engagement rings, like Verragio & Uneek, have a 2 – 6 week turnaround time. Even a ring already shining in our showcase takes time to re-size. The time to start shopping for Christmas proposals is now – don’t wait another day. If your boyfriend suffers from MPS, kindly guide him towards our website and/or your Pinterest boards.** If you think you might suffer from MPS, we understand that it may take you a week or two to get in touch with us, but we are here for you.

In fact, we’re dedicating an entire day not only to awareness, but to sufferers of MPS themselves. Gents, join us for a no-pressure day of exploratory research. We’ll be serving craft beer, wings, and diamonds that your loved one will swoon over. Visit the Raymond Lee Jewelers showroom Saturday, November 1st, from 10am – 4pm, for our first annual Wings & Rings Event. Our state of the art MPS treatment facility*** and our highly trained diamond concierge will be on hand to serve your favorite draft and her favorite diamonds. No drama, no breaking into a cold sweat, just all the information you need to make an informed decision….eventually.

If you bring in the post card above, you can enter into a drawing for our engagement ring giveaway. And if you RSVP and we will put aside a special gift for you on that day!Please, friends. Join us in spreading awareness of Male Procrastination Syndrome throughout the month of October, and encourage your loved ones to seek treatment at our Wings and Rings Event. The Cure for MPS: It can’t wait.

*This is a combination of vendors no man should propose with. Ever.
**We do not recommend replacing Fantasy Football bookmarks with engagement ring listings.
***Just our showroom, actually. But we do have an open air state of the art watch workshop we’ll be happy to show you around.


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