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Anyone browsing for rings, especially engagement rings have definitely come across the sparkling “Princess Cut” but not everyone knows the meaning of this term. Actually is not something complicated, it is simply one type of diamond cut, and has been popular choice for many many years for brides all over the world . The interesting part is that it caught the attention of many people for a very short time since it was only presented a few decades ago. The bland of square-ish and brilliant shape is what it gives the diamond glamor and class. Here in Boca Raton, we’ve noticed a significant interest in this type of diamond so why not learn a lot more about it.

The Old and the New

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We have Arpad Nagy to thank for the amazing princess diamond cut. He was the one who created this shape in London 1961. The Princess cut, which is one of the most fiery cuts of all diamonds usually has 57 – 76 facets. The Princess cut diamond is usually square, however it can be slightly rectangular as well dependent on the way the cutter looks at the diamond rough and decides on how best to cut the stone to get the best brilliance. There are other cuts of diamonds that may be slightly similar to the Princess Cut, for example the Princess Cut is the square version of the Round Brilliant cut diamond. The princess cut is actually a patented cut and as so is referred to as a ‘Square Modified Brilliant’. Princess cut diamonds are usually referred to by the patented name on lab Appraisals. Not only is the Princess cut diamond an incredible and gorgeous sparkling trophy in the middle of an engagement ring but it makes an amazing diamond wedding band also. Because the princess cut diamond has flat sides and a square shape, many small stones can be set next to each other perfectly to make either a wedding band containing diamonds on the top of the band or as an eternity band all of the way around the band in a continuous sparkle.

Why is it so popular?

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The first reason why the Princess Cut Diamond is so popular among cutters is that because it is generally a square stone and therefore can be cut from the rough stone with less waste. For example, dependent on the rough and the cutters expertise, two Princess cut diamonds could potentially be created from one piece of rough. Therefore the cutter can make the most from the piece of rough diamond he has started with. For example, when cutting a Round Brilliant diamond from a piece of rough stone there is a lot of waste. If you can imagine the material lost in the process then you can imagine the price difference between the Princess Cut diamond and the Round Brilliant Diamond. As a result the Round Brilliant Diamond does generally end of being more expensive. Of course let’s not forget that color, cut and clarity as well as Carat weight does come into play when pricing diamonds of different cuts.

So apart from being magnificent and fiery, the princess cut diamond is usually priced lower than the Round Brilliant Diamond. This is because this popular cut yields between 80% and 90% of the rough diamond stone that is used to cut it from while the Round Brilliant only 40% of the rough. Either way it’s the polished diamond or finished product that you will see in the Jewelry store and judging by most peoples reactions when looking at diamonds it will be more of a an intense excitement and often a physical reaction when you first see the diamond that you love.

Aside from being less expensive, the Princess Cut Diamond with its magnificent proportions and cut exhibit an incredible amount of sparkle and brilliance and make a stunning engagement ring.  Plus they look even larger than the round cut because of the beautifully proportioned square top. So, bigger looking and immense sparkle makes this cut of diamond in high demand for the modern bride.

Top Princess Cut Settings Loved in South Florida

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All right, a princess cut diamond could be the one for you, however, this is just the first step. The sparkling diamond has to go into a setting if its loose and there are so many to choose from. There are plain solitaire settings that have 4 prongs to hold the stone in place if you don’t want to be flashy so thats the more simple way to go, however when you start looking at all the designer choices of diamond engagement ring mountings you will be amazed. There are endless gorgeous ring mountings to choose from. There are so many settings that it may take some time to choose although if that’s your biggest problem then that’s great!! There are many different settings out there but I am going to focus on the ones that are popular here in Boca Raton Florida at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

The Classic Setting

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Of course, the classic will never lose its popularity and love. The claw setting or classic prong uses a lot less metal and also allows light to pass through its stone, and this adds more to its brilliance. The four-prong settings also work with any shaped diamond, (while six pongs are better for marquise-shaped diamonds, pear, oval and round), the princess cut is usually seen with the four-prong setting.

Three – Stone Setting

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Its name fits perfectly with this setting since it fits any occasion, engagement, and anniversaries or just for a birthday gift. The two accent stones are well secured on both sides with the main diamond as the show stopper in the center.  The side stones can be round cut, princess cut diamonds or even sapphires, emeralds or rubies while the main attraction is the princess cut diamond.

The Channel Setting

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The Princess Cut can look beautiful as the main event set in the center of a channel set ring.  The Channel setting is a stunning look with smaller Princess Cut Diamonds set end to end next to each other with a thin gold channel running all  around the ring from the top and bottom to make a thinner solid wall f diamonds. This contemporary setting shows off the Princess cut diamonds as they are secured between the vertical metal walls, which create a very smooth corridor, hence the channel.


How to choose?

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As we have already discussed, pick the main diamond first and then the complimentary setting.

Most ladies love the sparkle of the center stone with a diamond on each side. Others may love the center diamond mounted on top of a thinner band which is completely covered in tiny diamonds. This method of setting is called pave’ and is beautiful and classic. Many center diamonds can be beautifully enhanced with a diamond setting that has a diamond halo. Many of the engagement ring settings have a halo which is basically several smaller round diamonds that encircle the main diamond. The design of the halo engagement ring mounting makes it a fantastic choice as it enhances the main diamond and not only adds a lot of sparkle but also makes the large diamond look larger.

Does your girl has a very specific taste about rings or you simply don’t know what exactly will make her say YES? Simply get her a ring with a princess diamond cut and by choosing one of the top settings you definitely won’t make a mistake.

Even though there are so many designers to choose from you will quickly find that you are drawn to a particular designer who fits your taste and pushes the right buttons for you.

The ring should always be special and beautiful. It shows and represents your love, your understanding, and partnership. Just as this diamond cut does. Now it is time to surprise your girl with your knowledge of a princess cut diamond and also an amazing ring setting to go with it.


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