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Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton feature on the Boopmobile Volcano Red Mclaren 650s

A Rockin’ Red Ride: Getting To Know The Boopmobile

Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton feature on the Boopmobile Volcano Red Mclaren 650s

Diamonds and Donuts Boca Raton feature on the ” Boopmobile ” Volcano Red Mclaren 650s

Summertime is finally here, which means we’re going to be seeing more of some timehonored warm weather traditions: trips to the beach, pool parties, cookouts, and so many more. When it comes to South Florida, however, these traditions never had to go away for the winter, so traditional gatherings are already in full swing come by the time May rolls around. One of these events is Diamonds and Donuts, hosted Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. A monthly car show that showcases beautiful works of automotive art and powerful performance models alike, Diamonds and Donuts is a perfect way to spend a summer weekend morning. It’s also a place where one can find themselves alongside both social media sensations, both humans and cars. One of those sensations you can find at Diamonds and Donuts might just be the most exciting car you’d be able to see in all of South Florida: the McLaren 650S “Boopmobile.”

McLaren is a British luxury car company, known for producing sports cars that flawlessly blend prestige and practicality, as well as designing and producing all of their cars in-house. The company actually grew out of Bruce McLaren Motor Racing, a company founded in 1963 by Bruce McLaren, who was then most famous for winning the 1959 US Grand Prix at the age of 22, at that point the youngest person to have ever done so. This predecessor to McLaren was remarkably successful, with the second car it ever produced, the M1B, dominating the Canadian-American challenge cup with 43 victories.

In 1980, Bruce McLaren Motor Racing merged with the Project 4 Racing Team, and McLaren Cars was born. The company produced its first automobile, the McLaren F1, in 1992. Over the next two years, before the company became inactive in 1994, the car would sell 106 units. After a brief collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, the company went dormant for several years before being revived as standalone auto manufacturer McLaren Automotive in 2010, a spinoff of McLaren racing. Throughout its short history, the company has always believed that “form follows function,” and has dedicated itself to producing high-performance masterpieces that look the part.

Today, McLaren is a heavyweight in the automotive world, creating cars in three different categories: sports cars, supercars, and ultimate cars. The sports car line focuses on blending high performance and everyday usability. The most accessible lineup that the automaker produces, it includes the 540C Coupé, 570S Coupé and 570 GT, all high-perofmance models that can be used on a regular basis. All of these cars feature a carbon fiber chassis, which has been a calling card of McLaren’s road cars since it first produced the McLaren F1. The McLaren supercar series is the automaker’s largest, and it also includes some of McLaren’s best known vehicles, such as the 650S Coupé and Spider, the 675 LT Coupé and Spider, and the McLaren 720S. The goal for this collection of cars was to create a line that allowed drivers to experience high performance on the road as well as the level of power expected from professional racing cars. Because of this, many of the cars in this series, such as the 675 LT, feature both a road and track mode, and include many subtle touches that are specifically designed with track performance in mind, such as more aggressive aerodynamics, improved torque, and construction from lighter materials. These supercars are McLaren’s most popular, as they offer drivers the option to experience track-level performance in road-legal form.

McLaren’s ultimate cars represent their most powerful creations, cars that showcase dynamic performance and beautiful design, and are often created specifically with the racing track in mind. It includes only the P1 and the Senna, though a track-only version of the P1, the P1 GTR, was also created in 2005 to celebrate the 1995 McLaren victory in Le Mans twenty years earlier. These cars draw their inspiration directly from powerful Formula One racing vehicles, and include features such as a bespoke braking system, hydro-penumatic suspension, and a RaceActive Chassis Control that allows drivers to lower the car fifty millimeters closer to the ground when in race mode. These cars also features the potential to reach higher levels of performance than their supercar relatives, usually able to achieve speeds of over 210 miles per hour. They represent the ultimate evolution of automotive technology, delivering the kind of performance expected by professional drivers the world over.

Recently, McLaren also recently began reproducing some of their older makes and models, calling this the creation of their “Legacy” series. This legacy series includes cars from before the founding of McLaren as a company, such as the M6GT, a project taken on by Bruce McLaren to create a powerful endurance racing vehicle in the late 1960s. Other cars in this line include the McLaren F1, once described as “the finest sports car the world has ever seen,” and the McLaren 12C, the first car wholly produced by McLaren since the success of the F1. This line offers drivers a glimpse into the rich history of high-performance automobiles while also delivering exhilaratingly powerful performance in their own right. The car we’re interested in today is one of the automaker’s supercars, and perhaps its most famous. The McLaren 650s was first launched at the 2014 Geneva auto show to wild anticipation, and can today be found in both Coupé and Spider forms. Both of those forms are powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo M838T V8 engine, which is capable of putting out almost 650 horsepower and 500 foot-pounds of torque, as well as running at over 8,000 rotations per minute, a truly stunning level of performance. It has reached a top speed of 207 miles per hour, and also comes with a wealth of features inspired by Formula 1, such as a carbon fibre MonoCell chassis, optimized powertrain, braking and suspension systems, mid-engine architecture, carbon ceramic brake discs, and active aerodynamics. No matter which of the car’s three driving modes you’re in – normal, sport, or track – the 650S can make you feel like a professional. Today, the model is one of McLaren’s most well-known, and offers drivers a taste of what track-level performance looks like in a form they can take on the road as well. Just as McLaren is a legend of the automotive worlds, and the 650s is a legend among sports cars, the boopmobile is a legend of South Florida. The car is a McLaren 650S painted volcano red, a color that can’t help but stand out even in the most crowded South Florida streets. Taking its name from the iconic cartoon character Betty Boop, a jazz age flapper who dressed in stunning crimson and was well known for her flirtatious attitude, the boopmobile blends high-powered performance and stunning design.

The car is a 650S Spider, the convertible variant of the 650S, and as with all 650S models it comes with a low, long body aerodynamically engineered for high performance, and a pair of butterfly doors that open into a black leather interior inspired by the cockpits of Formula One racing vehicles. Featuring a tactile, small diameter steering wheel with no buttons to distract from the exhilarating feeling of being in control of the boopmobile’s engine and a sevenspeed, dual clutch gearbox that can be controlled by paddles behind the wheel, the view from the driver’s seat of the boopmobile is just as stunning as the view from outside it. The low-slung, uncluttered dashboard and panoramic windshield also give the driver of the boopmobile a beautiful view of the astonished admirers looking into the car. The boopmobile doesn’t just look the part, either. Powered by its rear-mounted twinturbo V8 engine, the car can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in under three seconds, and from zero to 100 miles per hour in under six. The car’s other statistics are just as impressive: it can complete one lap of a quarter-mile track in just over ten seconds, and has been clocked traveling a kilometer in just under twenty. And perhaps just as importantly for a South Florida car, the boopmobile is also a reasonably efficient machine, boasting a fuel economy of above twenty-four miles per gallon, which is slightly above average, especially for a car with such powerful performance. The booopmobile also has a host of other features that make it a truly remarkable piece of engineering to drive, and makes it feel like a Formula One machine for anyone lucky enough to get the chance. The rear diffuser produces more downforce as the car’s speed increases, meaning that it handles even better at high-performance speeds than it does at lowperformance ones. Side vents help the car excel when performing at its highest level as well, forcing air into the cooling radiator to make sure that heat is kept to a minimum and efficiency is maximized.

In the rear of the car, the Airbrake offers both professional stopping power and can be deployed as rear wing, adding another source of downforce when in motion. Finally, the Brake Steer feature allows the driver of the boopmobile to subtly use to brakes when going around a in order to manage traction and corner at speed, a feature so powerful for that it was actually banned from cars on the track. With all these features packed on to the sleek chassis of the McLaren 650s in vibrant red, the boopmobile is the definition of a head-turner that can do some heavy lifting of her own. Finally, the boopmobile has one more claim to fame: it’s the only supercar on the South Florida streets owned and driven by a woman. The owner, who calls herself Betty Boop online and can be found at the Instagram handle @Boop14, appears often in public with the car, and is proud of her association with the famous vehicle. An auto enthusiast herself, she is both knowledgeable and passionate about the car she drives, and often appears with it and posts about it on social media. This has undoubtedly helped turn the car into an online sensation, and a quick search of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook will quickly reveal that the car has a bevy of dedicated followers, all eagerly following its appearances and hoping for a glimpse of it on the streets of South Florida, and all eagerly sharing their own experiences with or appreciation of the supercar. The car has also made its owner something of a sensation on Instagram, and both her car and herself are minor celebrities in the area. Furthermore, the car is something of a hot marketing commodity, and is often quite sought-after for a variety of promotional opportunities. It once famously bore Santa’s face on its hood to help spread the word about Toys for Tots, and has been graced with a few other stunning decals in its years on the South Florida Streets. Even better, we can tell you exactly where you’ll be able to find the boopmobile soon! Now that the winter is receding and the calendar is creeping toward summer, the boopmobile will be making its customary appearances at the Diamonds and Donuts car show, hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee. The boopmobile appears at the Diamonds and Donuts show without fail, which makes the gather one of the best places to feast your eyes on one of South Florida’s automotive legends. The next Diamonds and Donuts car show will be held on Sunday, June 24th at 9 AM at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. Come and experience a morning of eating good food, having fun times, and enjoying the sight of dozens of highperformance cars. And, of course, rub shoulders with South Florida’s most famous womandriven supercar.

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