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Who’s Open on Thanksgiving?

Who’s Open on Thanksgiving?

Gird your loins, readers. Black Friday is one week from today. And while some people would rather slowly digest their mashed potatoes while watching a football game, others are lacing up their running shoes to hit the first sales. We fall into the camp of waiting ’til Cyber Monday so we can just buy everything online, but there are different opinions.

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The National Retail Federation has issued new numbers this year, pointing to over forty five million consumers going shopping on Thanksgiving day in 2013, making a whopping twenty seven percent jump over 2012’s numbers. The figure is, of course, expected to climb even higher this year. Some stores have announced that they will close on Thanksgiving to ensure that their employees get to stay home, allowing consumers to shop online at their retail websites.

If you’re hoping to sneak away in the middle of the day to grab your wife a little something from Rogers & Hollands, forget it, as they will keep all 76 of their locations closed on Thanksgiving Day, though they will be offering special deals online for web shoppers. The retailer suggests that jewelry is all about “making memories,” and part of that means letting their customers head home for the holiday. Great for them, but what about that special memory of buying a beautiful pair of diamond earrings to thank your wife for making that amazing turkey?

Macy’s will definitely be open on Thanksgiving day. Sears, Target, Kmart and Walmart will all be open on Thanksgiving Day, as well, with J.C. Penney opening at 5 P.M. to allow shoppers an early drop on Black Friday deals. While you may have to check Google Maps to find them, you can get plenty of in-person shopping done on Thanksgiving Day.

So, if you’re just skimming this piece for a list of retailers that you can hit up on Thanksgiving:

  • Sears
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Kmart
  • Walmart
  • J.C. Penney
  • Kohl’s

So basically, all the big ones. Select retailers like Nordstrom’s will be offering great deals on their retail webpages on Thanksgiving, but most of the jewelry chains will be closed come Turkey Day. You’ll want to check your local location’s businss hours to see when they’ll open their doors on Thanksgiving.

Some major department stores will be closed, as well, including Neiman Marcus, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Dillard’s.

In light of debates over the minimum wage and the treatment of employees by major retailers, fast food chains and other employers, closing on Thanksgiving day has become something of a political statement. Really, it’s smart marketing. By suggesting that you put family over profits, you show the public that you’re a brand that can be trusted, that you represent the same values that we try to uphold ourselves around the holidays.

While sneaking away in the middle of the holiday to surprise someone with someone special may be easier said than done, unless you feel like looking up the business hours and finding the nearest retailer near you who’s open, it will be quite easy to hop online and take advantage of some great early Black Friday deals with a few minutes at the computer. While many retailers would prefer to let their employees stay home in order to make a show of supporting family values, few retailers are willing to miss out on the big money of Thanksgiving Day shopping.


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