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Hot Trends in Jewelry and Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Hot Trends in Jewelry and Wedding Hairstyles 2012

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important in her life. If it’s your big day you will surely want everything from the flower arrangements, to the dress and even your hair to be perfect. However, you don’t want everyone seeing the struggle behind perfection and so it is always best to go for a natural feel which will add even more sparkle to your day. The same should apply to wedding hairstyles and that is why in 2012 we have done away with the tight curls that definitely say “5 hours spent in the salon” as opposed to “naturally radiant” and have decided to go for some softer and elegant looks.

Today’s most popular wedding hairstyles seem almost effortless because a bride should give off a natural- not forceful feel. From high crown hairstyles, which add volume to any type of hair to lose curls which add elegance while keeping a natural look, there are many things one can do to achieve a successful 2012 wedding hairdo. There are other small details that can help embellish your complete look such as, wearing a beautiful flower on the side which will give you a delicate and feminine look or wearing some feathers which will add a more exotic and fierce touch to your hair. It is also crucial to remember that like anything in fashion the outfit must work together to form the look so keeping your hairstyle in mind when choosing your wedding jewelry can give you a big boost towards walking down the aisle in style.

This high bun is timeless. Add a tiara or diamond accent for a classical look or add some wild flowers for a more natural and sensual feel. This hairstyle reveals a lot of the face so it would be perfect for those brides who wish to have sharp makeup or detailed jewelry like these 18k white gold and diamond pave earrings that will surely make a bold statement.

This low side bun is simple and elegant. A hairstyle like this one gives you the possibility of adding wild feathers or exotic flowers for a bolder, funner look. These David Yurman black onyx and diamond Waverly earrings will embellish your exotic look and ensure that no one takes their eyes off of you on your big day.

Get noticed in this high crown hairstyle that will add more volume to any bride no matter how thin their hair might be. The loose curls help create a soft and effortless look. Pair this hairstyle with these 18K white gold cluster diamond dangle drop earrings to ensure that no guests will be looking away.

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