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A Singular Ceremony: Personalizing Your Wedding Ceremony Ideas

A Singular Ceremony: Personalizing Your Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Preparing for your wedding is both stressful and wish fulfilling. It’s important to make your ceremony as special, memorable and unique as possible, so that it stays precious to you for an entire lifetime. One way to ensure your wedding is unforgettably singular is to have a unique ceremony. Here are five great ideas to consider, or use your own!

Luck Be a Lady

Tradition has it that the groom says the vows first, but in the modern world it really doesn’t matter who starts gushing about whom first. So, why not make a game of it? The best man or the maid of honor can flip a coin, with the bride calling a side. The winner can either choose who speaks the vows first, or just begin reciting them.

Symbolic Sand

Instead of lighting a candle, why not symbolically combine your two lives by filling a decorative vase with sand from each of your respective homes. This is easier for people from the coasts or near a body of water, but it’s also possible to use soil.

Tying the Knot

Though some religious traditions involve tying the bride and groom’s hands together, there’s another knot that signifies an unbreakable bond. The fisherman’s knot is the strongest knot. In fact, the rope will break before the knot ever does, representing a permanent union.

Animal Lovers

Children are notoriously difficult to direct on a wedding day, and some people opt not to invite them at all. If you’re an animal lover, you may rather have Fido paw down the aisle with the rings attached to his collar. There are many companies that provide special collars with pillows attached just for this purpose.

Theme Music

You can skip the traditional wedding song to walk down the aisle and pick something meaningful for your love and relationship. Perhaps an instrumental version of a Disney song is more your style, or you just have an affection for an old folk song. Some couples even choose to walk the aisle together, especially if there aren’t parents around to give the bride away.

Whatever special ceremony ritual or activity you choose for your wedding, make sure it’s something that speaks to who you are as a couple.


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