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Watches and Wonders Miami Design District’s Luxury Event

Watches and Wonders Miami Design District’s Luxury Event

Watches and Wonders exotic car and luxury watches

Watches and Wonders in Miami’s Design District was just one of the several luxurious showcase events that took place in the last two weekends. Alongside the renowned Miami Yacht show and the Concours auto show, Watches and Wonders brought together exquisite brands. Beyond the brands showcasing the best of the best in each of their categories they also brought clientele, collectors and yacht, car and watch lovers alike. It was a sight to see from the unveiling of never before seen items to lively panel discussions, conferences and talks that delved deep into the art of haute horlogerie. The world of watchmaking held their breath as we saw stunning pieces from the likes of Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Girard Perregaux and Cartier. There were both on site boutiques in the buzzing Design District as well as pop up stores to give Miamians and visitors an even wider selection of fine watches.

The event was run in partnership with the Concours auto show as well as the Miami Yacht Show. As we well know nothing goes better with fine luxury time pieces than yachts and rare vintage and exotic cars. (Do not worry if you did not make it down to Miami for the Watches and Wonders weekend though, we host our Diamonds and Donuts car show every month!). This was the second edition of the Watches and Wonders show after such an incredible first year. Coinciding with the dates of the Miami Yacht show the Watches and Wonders event was close by to the yacht expo’s new location in nearby Biscayne Bay, between the Venetian and MacArthur causeways. For three whole entire days attendees (it was open to the public) got to enjoy the packed full program of discovering the expertise behind fantastic time pieces and jewelry that was on display.

Watches and Wonders exotic car and luxury watches

Watches and Wonders in Miami’s Design District

It was just sunny skies and the usual Miami 80 degree weather for the Watches and Wonders show. A huge success by any standards this second year brought tons of experts together. There was a packed schedule of panel discussions, conferences, workshops, talks, discussions and exhibitions. In the meantime every brand had their turn in the limelight to show off the latest, the rarest and the most vintage items they could come up with for the event. It was an impressive 72 hours where we got to see what is what in the world of haute horlogerie. Everything from workshops in watchmaking to children’s activities made this an open event that truly everyone could enjoy being a part of. This second round has laid the foundation for what is sure to be a recurring staple in the Miami event season line up. From Art Basel to the Miami Yacht show.

Watches and Wonders has made its mark. The individual brands alongside the organisers Miami Design District Associates (MDDA) and the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH), set up interesting activities. Beyond basking in the wonders of watchmaking visitors could get hands on. You could take apart and build a watch movement – with the world’s most iconic watches. As well as purchase some incredible pieces of your own. There were talks on industry trends – particularly interesting for collectors who enjoy moving their pieces around. Also, for those working on building up a collection of their own there was even a course. “How to build the ultimate watch collection”. On the Saturday evening at Palm Court, the main event space in the Miami Design District, there was even a cocktail party. Keeping in line with the event theme of wonders the Miami Symphony Orchestra performed. It was a stunning evening for sure.

The individual luxury time piece brands

It was not only the education part though. The individual luxury watch brands also took this opportunity to show off their best. Like a car show but for watches we saw some powerful performances. The brand activations included incredible men like astronaut General Stafford. He discussed the brand Omega’s role in NASA. Then Girard Perregaux released the absolutely incredible Quasar watch. It is an evolution of the neo-bridges tourbillon watch. However this one has a bold sapphire case, complete with a sapphire crown as well. According to the CEO of Girard Perregaux the case is so complex that it actually took more than a full year in the making. There were also stunning displays from the other brands. Including the unveiling of fashion brands’ watches like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Vacheron Constantin. They each had stunning new pieces to show off some concepts that only a fashion Maison could have.

Startling in their concepts these included one of a kind pieces matching performance with artistic craftsmanship. Designers unveiled super limited editions. Like DeBethune with their 10 numbered editions only release. Further the house of Dior took this opportunity to show you really can have the most unique personalised fine watch you want. Created for those customers who want to emulate their personalities into their very own watches Dior created the Grand Bal. The concept of this watch consists of a single box that has dozens of case options. As well as, dial options and rotor decoration options. The rotor is what makes this watch so special. It is a patented inverse rotor that allows for oscillating weight on the front of the dial. Here you can get any thing from gemstones to bird feathers and more, and they will move naturally. It truly is an achievement in watch master craftsmanship.

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3 Mens Watch

While this one was not a feature at the Watches and Wonders Miami show we thought we would share some of the exquisite watches we have from the brands. These are not being held closely until late summer or fall when many of the watches unveiled at the event will hit the market. Rather these rare gems are right here in Boca Raton with us, where you can also have a hands on experience. If you are interested in buying a Cartier Roadster for your collection or even as your first luxury time piece we can guide you through it. Our watch master crasftsmen can answer any questions you might have and show you this iconic automobile racing inspired watch. With a distinctive yellow chronograph dial with black hour hands and hour markers its a stunning classic.

omega watch omega watch

Omega Constellation Chronograph Two Tone Gents Watch 

Another stunning classic this Omega Constellation Chronograph Two Tone gents watch is worthy of a vintage title. Really and truly showcasing the brand’s expertise in power, beauty and incredibly precise small movements this watch has an incredibly thin case. Both comfortable and precisely accurate with powerful movements this watch has a fixed 18 carat yellow gold bezel that is reminiscent of a by gone era. While the Watches and Wonders show focused on some brand sparkly new watches it also had its space for the exquisite older models that set the stage for this level of innovation. This watch is also available with a white dial featuring two sub dials but no date window.

watches and wonders exotic car and audemars piguet

A true mix of powerful precision and aesthetics is this Girard Perregaux Ferrari 8020 Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch. Inspired by and featuring the iconic Ferrari stallion this watch is made for speed. With three sub dials to track each and every moment down to the partial seconds this Girard Perregaux is a classic. While it may not be the latest displayed at the Watches and Wonders show in Miami it sure is worthy of having been. An exotic car and fine watch pairing unlike any other this is the type of watch that you expect from heavy hitting brands like Girard Perregaux.
audemars piguet rubber clad review

Audemars Piguet 26178 Royal Oak Offshore 18k Rose Gold Diamond Watch

Finally, Audemars Piguet a brand we all know well. Whether at Watches and Wonders or not they never cease to surprise us with options. While not quite the Dior Grand Bal this unqiue and bespoke diamond covered Royal Oak Offshore is a stunning addition to any one’s collection. Featuring a three row pave diamond bezel, matching diamond dial and fully iced out lugs this watch is luxurious. It is in an unique rose gold. Also the dial features three sub dials. As well as a date window.

Next year’s Watches and Wonders event – what we can expect

We already can not wait for next year’s Watches and Wonders. Who knows what they will bring us next. It surely is a great experience though to get to be up close and even hands on with watches of this caliber. This collector paradise had a record 28,000 visitors this year and is expected to grow even more in the iterations to come. It also promises to make a splash next year as the first watch event of 2020. Since SIHH and Baselworld have changed their respective show dates from January and March to late April or early May, Watches and Wonders Miami, which is already scheduled for February, may be the first place for exhibitors to show off something new for the year. Although we really do not think they will show all their cards it will be exciting to see how this show transforms throughout the years.

Many of the watches show cased this year had not ever been brought to the United States before either. Therefore many visitors got to have their first look, if they were not in Geneva in January for the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) exhibition. It is only a little taste of what is to come though, as many watches have not hit the market quite yet. These are set to launch only in late summer and fall. It will be very interesting indeed to see what happens in 2020. And if these unveilings will precede the European shows. In this way we see Miami and South Florida in general growing more and more important on the world stage. As brands and organizers gather together to create unforgettable experiences. Watch collectors, were sought out as the audience for this event. And we expect this trend to continue to grow.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee, bringing you the latest and greatest on luxury watches and jewelry

While we love keeping up with the events around that world showcasing limited edition and priceless unveilings. What we love even more is bringing them close to home. While the Watches and Wonders was just around the corner from us here in sunny South Florida we are so excited for the prospect of a growing luxury watch community. Our clientele form a select group of individuals who maintain unique watch collections. It is why we work hard to make sure that our curated selection of fine time pieces is always fresh. We search for those items that inspire excitement and reflect personality. Similarly to the Watches and Wonders show what we enjoy is the community built around fabulous master craftsmanship. Whether that be beautiful watches, exotic cars or fine jewelry. We are here for it. Come visit us at our own car show during our monthly Diamonds and Donuts event.

We will continue to bring out the best there is to offer. From the world renowned luxury watch brands. We all keep our eyes out for to the exquisite new arrivals on the block. As we saw at this year’s second Watches and Wonders show the fashion houses are bringing in their weight. With innovation as well as artistic flair their time pieces are gaining ground. More than a fashionable statement reaching for the title held for canonical brands. Like Omega and Cartier it will be interesting to see what they bring next. It surely is exciting to see the world of haute horlogerie grow. Next year is sure to bring even more stunning pieces and fun interactive sessions. Throughout the three day event. If you did not make it out there this year worry not. We have got plans to keep you busy until next year’s rolls around again.

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