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Why Smart Watches Won’t Kill Luxury Watches

Why Smart Watches Won’t Kill Luxury Watches

In the recent past, there has been an influx of smart watches in the market. From an ordinary eye, this might be considered a big threat to the reign of luxury watches. The interesting fact about the whole scenario is that luxury watches are there to stay despite everything happening.

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 Why the Scenario Isn’t Changing Any Time Soon

 Wearable technology is gaining speed in terms of innovations and improvement, just like the other forms of technology. Modern watch manufacturers including, Microsoft, Apple, and Google are pulling their best shots in order to carry the day. The smart watches come with all types of assorted looks and components. But these manufacturers have failed to convince those consumers with deep affection for horology. That is a sector that carries a lot of weight in terms of watch making. Without it being catered for, no modern piece will win the hearts of luxury watch lovers regardless of the other components.

The traditional craftsmanship is also another appealing factor about the ancient luxury watches. The smart watch manufacturers have failed to capture this important aspect in the production of their watches. As you would expect, their general value isn’t as luring as they were originally intended to be. This only affirms the fact that the traditional watch makers still possess a strong presence in the watch making industry. This is a clear indication that the market still favors luxury watches as things stand. Luxury watchmakers seem to be coping well with the challenge that has been thrown at them. With the secret knowledge of their stronghold, staying on top of the game shouldn’t be any harder.

Gauging the Smartness of the Two Types of Watch

 What makes the difference between a smart and complex watch? If you find the answer to this question, then the difference between the two competing watches will be crystal clear. To start with, traditional watch manufacturers have been employing a high degree of innovativeness in their craftsmanship. All this while, they have also been striving to maintain relevance and interest among consumers. Most importantly, they have not lost their grip on the horology factor that has kept them sailing through the harsh and competitive market. Many of the firm believers in these pieces would simply tell you that their craftsmanship is eternal.

As for the smart watches, they just don’t seem to have that immediate appeal that consumers are particular about. According to the 2014 World Watch Report, modern watchmakers have a long way to go in achieving the desired artistry. The report, compiled by Digital Luxury Group, aims at pinpointing the flaws and strengths in the watch making industry. The report shows that consumers are more interested in the traditional brands than their modern counterparts.

The battle for supremacy between the smart and luxury watches isn’t coming to an end any time soon. The latest findings confirm the fact that not many consumers are willing to change their tastes and preferences just because they want to explore what the other has to offer. Since consumers hold the final say, luxury watches still have a bright future ahead.


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