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Vogue September Issue 2012: a Record Breaking 916 Pages

Vogue September Issue 2012: a Record Breaking 916 Pages

Vogue is one of America’s most common fashion sources. While the magazine is celebrating 120 years of style, it’s practically a household name.

Largest Vogue in History

September 2012 will be the largest version of Vogue magazine in history, in fact, surpassing it’s own largest issue that was made famous previously by a documentary film.

“It is our biggest issue ever,” a Vogue spokeswoman told AFP, although the fact is not trumpeted on a cover that promises “916 pages of spectacular fall fashion for all.”

Lady Gaga Covers Vogue

While the cover of the Vogue September issue 2012 is adorned by the peculiarly fashionable Lady Gaga, the issue is said to include a quizzical interview with the star, an exclusive inside look at Chelsea Clinton, fall hair trends, a tribute to the 120th anniversary of the magazine, and hundreds of pages of advertisement.

Vogue’s September issue is consistently the brands largest and most lucrative issue year after year. Maybe they can hit 1000+ pages by next fall?


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