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Vintage Summer Wedding Inspiration

Vintage Summer Wedding Inspiration

Choosing a summer theme with vintage touches through-out requires nothing less than true quality vintage jewelry for the Bride, Groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Never forget the Mother-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the-Groom, Maid-of-Honor and your Best Man!

 Vintage touches for a light and elegant summer wedding include delicate flowers with plenty of baby’s breath, lace and vintage fabrics, pearls, diamonds and classic hair styles from American Historic culture. Brides find unique decor ideas from fashion  pages of old fashion and home design magazines, for inspiration and tasteful vintage furniture and  lighting designs.

 From the very beginning, your guests will get a heads up on the wedding theme when they receive their vintage styled, old-world scripted invitations on vintage-styled paper and design. You might even include the guests by making vintage attire optional.  Begin to plan your jewelry gifts early on to make sure each selection is unique and fits your wedding party member’s personality.

 The Vintage Wedding Dress

 Everything vintage should begin with the wedding dress, also consider variations on the bride’s favorite colors. Wedding attire designs from the 1900’s are distinctive, and so very flattering! Capped sleeves, lacy with a “V” front and back, one perfect idea  for a hot summer day. Think of the venue ideas to come! Perhaps a garden tea party theme with antique glassware and cut crystal, lovely artisan created tea sets, and oil lanterns or elaborate candle centerpieces.

The Wedding Party

Groomsmen with antique pocket watches on elegant gold chains never looked more Tres’ chic than during the era of the Twentieth Century. Today’s online accessibility advantages Tres’ chic than during the era of the Twentieth Century. Today’s online accessibility advantages puts vintage mens’ wear styling and vintage handmaidens’ gowns at your fingertips. With careful research and planning, your vintage wedding will be romantic, unique, memorable, and extraordinary. Mix and match Bridal court gown colors and patterns are super trendy this summer. Add interest to your wedding scenario, not to mention the benefit of assuring each woman has the perfect dress style to fit her body type.

Vintage Summer Venues An outdoor venue means added glamour with period summer garden hats and even white gloves. Whether an indoor or outdoor wedding and reception are practical, table settings and  decor can be elaborate or simple, garden or ballroom style options are endless.  get a  head start with your wedding planner, choose a wedding designer who knows the area where you  want to have your reception. They can suggest unexpected venues that already have vintage appropriate architecture and period styling, perhaps even furnishings to add to  the fun.  Using Old World Tuscany or French-styled venues means an easy fit for the decor you want to provide.

Wedding Party Gifts

 Vintage wedding party jewelry and sentimental gifts are the perfect trend for today’s brides. Because this style is a hot trend right now, you can even order replicas of your favorite vintage designs. Brides no longer consider the gifts for their life-long besties an after thought to pick up on the fly, often a well-appointed selection of jewelry gifts are a coordinated addition to the wedding theme, and a keepsake for decades to come. For those closest to you, a breathtaking one of a kind gift (to your new groom, or to your Mom to say thank you) is the perfect wedding day surprise.


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